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CodeIgniter is free, easy to use, object-oriented, open-source PHP web application framework. Find the benefits, features and working of this framework in this post.
Get the Top Android Mobile apps according to traffic and uses point of view.
Cloud computing is a term that is used to describe an internet-based computing that has shared computer processing resources as well as data, provided to computers and devices on demand. Cloud computing allows for on-demand access to a data pool of computing resources. There are diffe...
In this article we would discuss the top 5 online resources available for selenium training. In current times technology has taken over all aspects of business in all its facets, hence selenium automation testing has become one of the most important skills for business.
Mike wanted to build an eCommerce website to sell mobile accessories. As he didn’t have any knowledge about coding, he wanted user friendly and self explanatory Content Management System (CMS) to manage his website on his own.
Explore the top rated Live Chat Softwares For A Website
Business promotion via customized power banks, to know more read given important points in the article.
We have almost entered a post-PC era where most of the users are using mobile devices and a very few people access internet through desktops/laptops. Although the transition from PCs to mobile devices will take a bit longer but soon people are going to shift on smartphones completely ...
UniKey Time is the premiere product in time-based and dongle software protection. Whether you’re a seasoned programmer or security novice, UniKey’s highly customisable yet easy-to-use interface ensures the best in software license control through the use of both a physical dongle ...
office 365 delivers better solutions for cloud based technologies to the clients in simple, reliable, scalable & cost effective way.
Cloud computing tasted a huge success in the IT sector for its reliability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Most of organization are eager to clutch the Office 365 cloud services. SBase as an official re-seller, customizes and implements Microsoft's Office 365 services as per clien...
Mobile apps are famous because they have made life easier and convenient. One cannot think of living life without having a mobile app and this is the reason, today, mobile devices are more than the people on earth. With the presence of mobile applications, mobile devices have become e...
Given below are the few essential features which you must look out while choosing a Magento theme for your portal.
Mobile application is a top trend and almost every company is looking forward to the same for better connection with target audience. With the constant growth in mobile technology, smart devices are getting better day by day. The increasing use of mobile devices has forced companies t...
With threats to intellectual property soaring high, piracy and data breaches soaring high, developers must implement robust security solutions to protect their software.
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