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The Restaurant Food Ordering System Trends That Benefit Restaurant owners to expand the Restaurant Business to new Food Ordering channels.
Compose the range of pages that the facsimile will likely comprise, for example, page. On-line will just browse, “variety of Pages:" adopted with the variety of webpages of this facsimile.
This article is all about automation testing services benefits. Automation testing helps business to increase its productivity at a larger scale.
Mobile devices have become the prevailing standard for communication, for consumers, and for business worldwide. Today mobile applications are driving personal and professional interactions. Your mobile app reflects your business, your reputation, your brand. Just like you’d never r...
Described the critical points of Java Technology with its pros and cons in Enterprise App Development
This article highlights the top 3 reasons for boosting your web application speed.
Taxi app development solution to expand, automate and grow taxi and fleet businesses. Get a fully white label taxi app solution with native apps for passengers, drivers and powerful dashboard for admins.
The article presents readers with 7 reasons as to why large facilities like shopping malls, office spaces, hospitals, etc should use indoor navigation technology for superior facility management.
Supply chains are inherently complex. They span multiple companies—often up to tier 3, 4, or 5 suppliers. Each company collects data in its own silo, often within different silos for each company. Consequently, there’s no full end-to-end transparency on supply-chain performance: c...
This is how far AI technology has gone and it’s only getting better.
As you know that, developing an iOS app is a specialized art and therefore, it needs special skills. Here, we have discussed major challenges that iOS developers have to face.
WordPress Malware Removal – Everything You Need To Know
Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT), the licensed national backbone network operator has joined hands with dataWerks GmbH, an innovative data virtualization solutions provider that offers a radically new approach to delivering real time business insights to business organizations.
The question is: do you ‘have to’ hire a Data Scientist and at dataWerks our view is: perhaps not. This may go against the grain of popular opinion these days so you might expect us to have some strong evidence to support our claim. Indeed, we do. We recently implemented a BI solu...
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