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Nearing the end of 2017, Google letting webmasters understand about imminent changes to their search engine rank system which could have effect on how websites could be looked at in 2018. To keep ranking well in 2018, sites will have to hit specific additional standards. In the follow...
Read about to how to choose the best cheap dedicated server for your business website.what to consider and how to choose a perfect host.
Seo is an affordable and long-term strategy that provides high return on investment.
E-Commerce websites are very common in use, and everyone wants to access such applications on mobile phone or tablets. Hence it becomes important to design and develop E-commerce website in such a way that it could be accessible on each platform and there should be some factors like s...
QuickBooks software is the accurate way of doing accounting work tension-free. As accounting software takes care of safety, data relocation and even provide backup from your customary desktops for hosting application at a nominal cost, the best option for the users is to download the ...
DigiTechMantra Solutions is a digital marketing company offers comprehensive, integrated digital marketing and mobile business marketing services to establish an efficient and effective online presence for your business.
Chatbots have exploded in popularity in 2017 and we give you the overview of the best bot creation platforms for business purposes.
In today’s tech-savvy world now more and more customers are shopping online. People can now look for the best products, buy the best brands and also get lots of discounts and offers. People buy from their PCs, laptops, tablets and even smartphones.
Technological advancement in the world today has seen the development of more efficient and sophisticated machines that make work easier and avoid errors that are caused by humans. In this case the development of self-driven cars also known as autonomous cars has been considered as a ...
The chatbot industry continues to grow at pace. More vendors are launching platforms to provide a chat service to the huge number of businesses, enterprise and SMB, who want more active and helpful bots on their websites or social media presence. Bots are being used to handle customer...
Applications on a mobile play key role in our lives and for business it becomes necessary to provide a mobile application to the customer. Such software needs experts who have excellent knowledge in this field. If you are willing to know how to design an application for your business ...
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A guide to some of the useful resources for creating a chatbot for a website
How long before governments start to legislate for chatbots to avoid fraud or misuse.
A guide to how chatbots need to be made more personable to provide the user with the desire to interact, and come back to the bot.
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