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Management in business influences domains so the key points in how you operate your domain are what influences the audience. Innovative technologies are great but it is important to know the spheres of business that you operate and the environmental challenges.
In the industry of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, there are not many names stronger than Roche.
There are mainly two ways to think in life and in business that create success: analytical/realistic/perceptive or synthetic/imaginative/creative. Everything else is just unworkable mess as we shall see in this series of articles.
This article is intended to elaborate the challenge faced by the economy of Malawi, a developing country in central Africa.
Company mergers are something that are not uncommon. When two companies merge, they then become one. As such, combining their resources which overall makes for one larger company than the two that were separately. In business, there are, in fact, a few different types of company merge...
“This is the beginning of a whole new category of consumer products. You can own a piece of the movie, have it in your home, and relive an experience that is authentic to the entertainment on the screen"(1). “Rob Maigret, Sphero's chief creative officer”(2) may have sounded as...
The days leading to the release of 'Star Wars : Episode VII The Force Awakens' are moments for preparing an effective speculation strategy around Sphero's BB-8. Even though the start-up company has anticipated the ordinary purchasing surplus of the holidays, there is still room for an...
“The State willing to sustain in France the flourishing of successful start-ups to generate economic value and jobs, it creates the French Tech Initiative as an all-encompassing movement of collective mobilisation.”(1) Thus is introduced the call for interest intended to concretis...
Pest is an acronym for political, economic, social, and technology. Effective Pest analysis should consider all of these wider factors and how they may impact a potential project or business marketing. Pest analysis can therefore assist a business with their project management and pla...
Sonalika Tractors is one of interesting growth companies in India. Its ambitions are high but whether it will reach it is yet to be seen. Here is an analysis about past performance of the company since 2012
... innovation system as engine.... ...we need to innovate to deal with all competitors and improve our performance...
The Peter principle is something all companies should want to avoid, not just because of the negative outcome for the employee in question, but because of other unforeseen consequences for the company.
Digital media campaigns should... ...some tips. Are you agree?
...some tips for crisis... Do you agree with these tips? Can you suggest others?
Should we implement a strategy? How important is knowledge management?
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