the bottom line

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working a blue collar job with corporate jags at the top? this page is for you and i hope you enjoy reading it as much as i enjoyed writing it. If this doesn't make you piss yourself nothing will trust me.

the bottom line

I grew up watching my grandfather work the same job for almost 60 years and the rewards and satisfaction he gave always came back ten fold. Hell with a job like that I wanted to work and work I did. I started at 16 bagging groceries at the local supermarket chain. Everywhere I went in that store I ran. They would always ask me to do price checks because I did them the fastest. When I completed my training in the service I came back and they put me on a stocking crew. Then I was promoted to seafood clerk where I found a passion in sharing knowledge with people and learning so much from those around me.
From there well it was all uphill, but no one told me this was the summit. Through the years I worked my way up and learned to cut meat. My grandparents always taught us to be the best at what we could be and my love came through meat cutting. I loved from the first minute I put a knife through the big chunk in front of me. It is a grand feeling to take a piece of meat and carve into something someone would take home for dinner.
I take great pride in being a meat cutter, but mine is a dying art form as time progresses we all know that everyone will be selling prepacked meat.
I am now a meat manager at the local grocery store chain and I am now in a rock and a hard place. Doing something I love or giving up on a dream. When I was a kid we had a store manager that mad Cruella DeVille look like an angel. It was a rare site for a woman to be that high up in the grocery business, because it was a mans world at that level. Some years later she became one of the district managers in that same company and let me tell you she didn't change a bit.
The reason I told you that story is because that is when district managers were feared and they were Gods if you will of the grocery business. You went in early to make the store all pretty and beautiful before they came through. I was proud on those days because we all worked so hard and got great appreciation from them for it.
Nowadays the DM(district manager) is just that a manager he carries no wait, has no clout and quite simply put another corporate spy. The one I got let me tell someone squeezes his balls way to tight, seriously it is like he is stuck in puberty. He don't know his rump from his eye to his rib. Then he has got some guy he hired from the blue collar side to the white collar side whom he has probably lied to to take the job.
then he has these guys for every department in the stores. So now you have one district manager and six merchandisers if you will telling me what to do and how to do it. Not counting the wicked witch of the west as the human resources manager, oh excuse me talent coordinator. This queen thinks she is a gift and everyone should bow when she comes in. Then you have all the people in the office who couldn't hack it in the stores sending you stuff you have no room for, then emailing you saying you are an idiot, what do you mean you have no room.
So here is the bottom line for all you corporate people out there. Some where in life you will once again be at the bottom and I pray it isn't me that has to show you mercy. I will only give what I have received from you; absolutely nothing. You act like you give a shit when in reality you can't see past your nose to spite your face.
You have forgotten who you are so you will really never know me. I am the customer you could always count on. The one that went through your lines every Friday for the last 30 years, now it is time to retire the jersey and set sail for a new course I hear a calling in the wind. You have stolen from me things I will never see again, you have lied to me about things I would never see and to top all imaginable things that you could do you took everything I loved about a grocery store and turned into a mockery. You have forgotten what a customer wants, service hand and foot with a smile please. I want to walk up and down the aisles and be able to reach out and ask someone for help. I want to walk up to the deli counter and not have to wait for someone to assist me. I want someone to carry my groceries to the car without being asked. I want service and I am willing to pay for service of every kind.
I am not only your number one customer I am your employee and every day I come in and work 100% for you. I buy my breakfast, lunch and dinner from you every day. I do what is asked of me every day and all you can do is come in and kick my bottom line.


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author avatar Cr1ssy88
23rd May 2013 (#)

I know exactly what you mean, I work in mental health. I certainly think our higher-ups should show a little more appreciation to the people that actually run the company. In my case, the office likes to think they know what works for our consumers, and what don't. In reality, if they were suddenly thrown into the position that I work, they would not even know where to begin.

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