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On this article I am going to review an amazing system which accept investors from all over the world and give about 14% per 5 weeks with recycling plastic wastes. We will see strategies and its work cycle …

Make money with wastes

That’s right you can invest on plastic wastes and make money with it. Recyclix is a recycling platform which give you a chance to change you vision about your wastes in this system they will even give you 20$ as gift to test them for free in first weeks.
They will give you 6% after 3 weeks for first part of recycling and will give you 8% for the next 2 weeks and totally will give you 14% for 5 weeks and I think this is fair enough, imagine you invest 1000$ and you will get 140$ per 5 weeks and you can withdrawal 60$ in the first 3 weeks and 80$ in next 2 weeks.
The main strategy of them is that they will change your wastes to ground materials after 3 weeks and turn them to granule in 2 weeks. You will buy your wastes 0.2 $/kg so you can buy 100 kg with your gift, it will turn to 100 kg ground material which is 0.4 $/kg after 3 weeks and if you ask for recycle it will turn to granules in 2 weeks which is 0.6 $/kg.
So why you say I get 14% after 5 weeks?
On this calculate you must get 60$ after 5 weeks for 20$ but you will get 15$ after it so you should click on restart to get your 8% profit and your 20$ start its cycle again.
The reason of this is that they will get 75% of whole money as their fees so they will get 45 and will give you 15$ for your first 5 weeks plus your 14% profit, so you totally get 17.8$ after 5 weeks.
You may say this is a lost but it actually is not because it will give you another option which is restart and this means it will give you permission to restart this cycle with your 20$ again. This means you can have another 5 weeks with your 20$ and make another 2.8$ so if you want to withdrawal you money on this step you will have totally 20.6$ so you can withdrawal all of your money and you have the permission to start the cycle again with 20$ and have your 5.6$ on your balance. Totally you can have 50 cycle for your money so you can save your deposit in their website and just withdrawal your profit each 5 weeks.
Please note that this amount of profit is about nothing for 20$ so you can have the same numbers with your number and the minimum of withdrawal for this company is 20$ so if you don’t want to invest and just use their gift you must stay for 10 weeks to withdrawal 20.6$. so I suggest you to make a deposit at least 200$ to have 28$ each 5 weeks and have the ability to withdrawal every 5 weeks until 2030 or promote your referral link on Facebook or other places to make more, this system will give you 10% of your level 1 profit, 3% of your level 2 profit, 2% or 1% of your level 3 and level 4 profit.
If you like you can sign up via this link and have more guides from me:


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