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completely new to member service? or just feeling like your in a rut and cant get excited about your job, Everyone you see or talk to puts you in a bad mood? remember just a few simple guaranteed to make an impression steps.

Deal breaker or Business maker. Which one are you?

Yeah? What do you want?”
That’s what i want to hear when I go to my favorite restaurant or store. It seems that a lot of customer service providers either have never experienced bad service first hand to see exactly how hurtful it can be, Or just simply doesn't care.
One thing I can honestly say about my self, Is that every job I seem to end up at always involves providing customer service. Why do I bring this up? Because you do to. I'm more of an animal fan than of people. You could say I’m an anti-social people person. People just make me nervous. But I never let them know that. In fact that is something I would like to bring up,

Have you ever had that one customer, that just had to see what buttons you had? Those type of customers will not stop until they find your switch. For me, before I found my own. Was being called ignorant. Not the fact that they just called me stupid, but they just said I don't know how to do my job. I'm the one who went through all the training. I'm the one who has been doing this for years. I’m the one... Get my point?

But that's what they wanted. They wanted to know that they called a company and had someone yell back at them, or they got someone in trouble. Stay calm and don't let them know they have just found your switch. I have proved over and over again, they will be the ones to get mad, and they will be the ones to hang up or leave.
Last call I had like that I was called ignorant because per company policy I couldn't refund the amount that he/she was asking for at that exact time. I simply said “Yes ma’am, there are some aspects of this job that i am not completely skilled in, But as far as your refunded amount goes I’m confident in my ability to assist you efficiently.”

That person that ‘s walking in now, you know. That guy that comes in twice a week and never knows what he wants. Annoying right? Maybe he was in a wreck and sustained some head injuries. Maybe he is a war vet who was injured defending our country and fighting for your freedom. My point is we just don't know, and we are cashing a check every week or two to help these people. That smile you gave, or that “thank you” that was said may have been the only kind action that person may receive all day, week or even month.

“But if I keep it short and don't really say anything then they will get out faster right?That’s correct, Most the time. The question is will they be back? But how awkward did you just make it for them. The people you serve on a daily basis are not mindless drones similar to cockroaches that just wander around aimlessly and eat just to survive. They are brothers, sisters, sons, mothers, fathers and human beings with needs and feelings just like you and me.

So I would like to add a for more bits of advice to use in your daily job, or ever life, not only to have a smoother day but maybe even recognized by your boss we all live in the same city, state, country, or world, we all have to co-exist with each other.

“Welcome to Josh’s Everyday Fast Food Joint. “
That means come in, get some food and sit down. Sure that's nice and all, How about
“Thank you, for choosing my best burgers today! What would you like to enjoy?”
Now you might be thinking “That was the same thing just a little different”
Exactly. DIFFERENT. They could have just as easily gone next door to spend their money. Please and Thank You are still small magic words that make a Huge impact.

When a customer comes back in and says “I asked for a double bacon cheese burger and all I got was a double bacon burger.... Wheres the cheese?” you think “You really came back to bitch about something that small?” Well I can think of 2 very big reason its not a trivial matter. First of all. Most places charge .50 to a dollar for cheese. If not more. And that could very well be that cup of coffee they need before work the day before payday. The taxes they may need to get their child's juice. Get my point?
Second. They have realized that and took the time out of their day to fix this issue that could have risked making them late. Don’t get mad or upset about it. Simply say. “I’m so sorry for that inconvenience. Let me fix that for you” or “How can we make this right for you?” 9 times out of 10 all the customer wants is empathy. Not sympathy. You shouldn't make a big deal over it, just address their needs. They just want to be treated as a valued customer. Just keep in mind they didn't have to go to your store and you can a big reason they keep coming back, rather you know it or not.
If the complaint is out of your hands, Do not and I cant stress it enough. Don’t give an excuse. You might as well be saying “oh.Well I don't really want to help you but accept this answer.” instead “Thank you for bringing this to our attention Your feed back only helps us correct and better our services. My name is John Doe, and I would be more than happy to give you my managers contact information or take down yours and give it to my manger, so you can have this matter resolved. “If they are not around give the hours he/she will be back” Which would be more convenient for you?
Now what did you just do? You voluntarily offered your name on the line and connected on a personal level and gave them an option. Seems small but if you kept a smile on your face then you will see one on theirs the next time they come in and see you.
Take pride in what you do. Yeah so what, you work at burger king. Its a dead end job and your friends make fun of you for it. I've done it. But you know what, your making a paycheck and putting dinner in someones belly, you just handed out a free crown to a little kid who is going to play with for days to come. I've seen it. And so did the parents. You just put a smile on their little child’s face.

Now that you have read those few no brainers. Implement them into your career and make it your passion If you start from the bottom then there is only one way to go and success is going the same way, that's up. If you work 9-5 then for the next 8 hours your making money, and that's something to smile about. Not everyone can say that. That should be enough to maintain an 8 hour smile. Remember these are people you deal with and they do still have feelings

Dress up, look good. When you look good you feel good, when you feel good you do good. Just picture every customer you deal with is yourself. How would you want to be treated?


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author avatar Anita Buchko
16th Nov 2014 (#)

You are exactly right Josh. No matter what you do in this life if you take pride in it, you make a difference and a positive one.

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author avatar Sherri stokes
16th Nov 2014 (#)

love your attitude, and the pride you take in your work, more people should have that attitude. very helpful, yes indeed

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author avatar Jhuckaby
16th Nov 2014 (#)

Thanks Anita. We need more friendly customer service everywhere. Its almost miserable trying to go to a fast food restaurant and be treated like crap

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author avatar Katy Pruitt
17th Nov 2014 (#)

Very well said Josh!

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author avatar Kayla
17th Nov 2014 (#)

Very well put great article

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author avatar Karlie
17th Nov 2014 (#)

Really enjoyed this article. It was easy to read and very insightful

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author avatar Jhuckaby
17th Nov 2014 (#)

Thank You Sheri, Katy, Kayla and Karlie. Wow that's almost a tongue twister. I am glad you found it useful and I hope to continue to provide great material for you to read

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
17th Nov 2014 (#)

Customer service should be for the passionate as some customers can put anyone off. But that is the way life is, so expect the unexpected and enjoy the ups and take the downs as part of the job too - siva

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