Zimbabwe Economic Strides!

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The economy of Zimbabwe, Indigenized is striving to get back on its feet with little foreign capital investment. The entrepreneurial capacity of local people is indicative of better things for this usually looked down upon economically Southern African country.
I shall put up opportunities that arise here as they come as I am interested in developments in the nation.

Gold Rush in Zimbabwe!

Zimbabwe's indigenization policy has seen many native Zimbabweans being able to land mineral claims and exploiting their country's own natural resources for a profit. One such mineral is the precious gold and I found a series by a Zimbabwean young man Mickey Nzira on YouTube titled Roadisms. Mining is one of the promising industry sectors in the country that young people can find beneficial since Zimbabwe's economy is reinventing itself. The job industry collapsed at the beginning of the economic turmoil which traumatised industry ten or so years ago.

According to Nzira, there are two distinctions in mining gold, these are, large scale gold mining and small scale. For a very long time, mining in Zimbabwe has been monopolized by companies such as Lonhro, Rio Tinto, BHP etc. These companies had consolidated their place in the industry, having been highly mechanized with efficient techniques, miners who are finding themselves venturing into this industry face an uphill task of mechanizing, that is, if they are to bring substantial amounts of ore to the earth's surface for processing. There has been people who went into this business since the beginning of the indigenization programme in the country, legally and illegally. Illegal gold mining has mostly been in areas where gold is found on the surface and hence the sprouting of alluvial gold panning claims everywhere in those areas. Environmentalists have cried foul over the rampant panning which has left many terrains defaced. However, the development of mining has gone thus to this stage where people are seeking to become established entities with a viable going concern. They seek to keep on mining into the foreseen future, hence the need to disseminate such knowledge to aspiring miners.

Mining is a very lucrative business to get into because the demand for mining products is always there. Secondly, the availability of mineral ore deposits in the country of Zimbabwe, combined with the government's initiative to allow ordinary people to get licensed and mine is just but an open invitation for those who so wish to make it in the business world. On his presentations, Nzira speaks about what he calls the value chain of gold. Zimbabwe and many other countries have for so long been in a situation where raw minerals and other materials are sold to other countries, mostly the developed world where they are turned into finished products and then resold to us at prices way too high than would be normal. Instead of having to sell our minerals to other countries for processing, it is imperative that in Zimbabwe, gold is mined and processed into final products in the country and then sold. This will fetch more money than selling it in raw form.

To get a gold claim, the following steps were highlighted in one of Nzira's videos,
1. Obtain a Prospecting License from the Ministry of Mines- This will allow you to go out and survey for gold rich areas where you will set up your claim. Cost- Around $350.00
2. Get the services of a Pegger- This is the guy who will set up the GPRS Coordinates for your claim and marks them on the map. Cost about $250.00 neg.
3. Obtain the Mining Claim License- Ministry of Mines. Cost $250.00/ block/ annum.
4. Get clearance from the Environmental Management Agency- They have their own requirements that are not as complicated as we would think.

The entire process, for one who is swift on their feet takes altogether, fourteen days before someone is digging for gold! As they update us on these requirements, I will sure put up whatever they have to say because it is all Gold!

Check out the Videos on youtube on the following link: http://www.youtube.com/user/mykstic1?feature=watch


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where can i buy gold for under 35 dollars per gram

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