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The present page lists some important tools for pinging updates in order to help in Search engine optimisation SEO activities.

To Get your Articles Indexed on Major Search Engines is Important

Writing an article for website can be a lot of fun. Whether you write on anything that appeals you or working on a project to supply article for content. Getting it published gives a lot of satisfaction especially when someone comments on it. But it is also important to know how to be top search on google or any other search engine. To be socially relevant, your write-ups should also eventually get accessed and read by others beyond your social network. Many of us who write articles for websites adopt many strategies such as using article directories, write associated facebook pages and so on, in order to get noticed by readers. In this hub, I have made an attempt to present some of the most widely used tools to get your articles noticed by the search engines and eventually get noticed by others. I know many of you may be already using these tools. I just tried to compile some of these tools together If you know other better tools, you are most welcome to post your suggestions through your comments

Things to keep in mind (Key words) while writing your articles for websites

The process starts from the stage of writing the article itself. Your article should be efficient in terms of key words. There are many free tools available on Internet to make your articles keyword efficient. One may use Google Adwords keyword tool to get ideas on the possible keywords, the level of competition, search volume both global and local and so on. Add these keywords effectively to the first few paragraphs of your article and also include them in your title and meta-tags, threads etc. You may notice a remarkable improvement in your search engine performance.

Getting your website (webpages) Posted to Directories.

Once you have written a reasonably good article, the next task is to post your website or webpages to major directories. Many authors ping their articles on the web. The best known and easy method of pinging is to give a ping command through some ping service that you have updated your site or have submitted an article. Some popular ping services are listed below. There is nothing sacred about the sequence of the sites as they are presented. Its only an order that I follow.


Ping-O-Matic is used by many bloggers to update about your new pages to selected search. It does not require a registration. The site claims that it regularly checks the downstream services in order ensure legitimacy and working of the sites. Please do not forget to add your rss feed url in appropriate box.

Ping My blog

Apart from notifying major directories about your blog update, PingMyBlog.com provides useful resources in the form of directory lists, a program to award blogs on account of different parameters (asthetics, user friendliness, reading enjoyment and useful information)and a valuable set of tutorials for bloggers to get success.

My Page Rank

'My page rank' is an excellent place for the webmasters. It not only gives an opportunity to get your sites pinged to many directories, but also provides a plenty of other free tools such as SEO Statistics, Google Datacenter checking, Google Page rank Button, last access by googlebot -yahoobot and MSN bot. The users can join freely and submit site-maps and web pages for search engine, analyze meta-tag, smilie creator, SEO monitor and link check services.

Feed Shark

A free tool to promote your page on the WWW. Make sure that you also submit your rss and podcast feed along with your page URL to optimise the benefits. An excellent tool for Search Engine Optimisation.


Pingates sends pings to more than 40 search engines and increases its popularity. It also provides many tools such as compress tools robot and password analyzer tools and testing services for your site/blog web pages.

Auto Pinger

Auto-pinger automatically pings your blog to many sites and directories both in English and non-English categories. By becoming a member for free, one can also access many other services.

Ping 4 Free

After registering for the service and confirming registration through an email confirmation link, one may use the service. The unique feature of the service is a free report on seo and participation in an online newsletter course for writers and freelancers.


At PINGOAT one has to signup and verify email to register for free. After confirming through email verification process, one may log in to ping her site/ blog/ web page. In the pinging form, submit the title of your new page, the url and the rss feed url and check select the respective sites where you want to ping your page. Click on the “GO PINGOAT” button and you are done. Do follow the same process every time you have a new article.

Digg Your Site

One may also use DIGG to digg a web page and see a quick and remarkable improvement in the performance. At digg.com, bloggers and writers view and share content from across the World Wide Web. The site gets linked immediately once you submit a link after log in. One can also log in with her facebook account. Its one of the most popular ways to enhance visibility.

All these services are tested and their reviews sound convincing. All have their respective strengths. However, one must refrain from excessive pinging as it may seriously hamper the prospects due to duplication. Please use these services intermittently and track your success in these. Success online requires a lot of patience and at times all hyped strategies seem to fail due to change in rules by the search engines. One needs to remain updated about such changes.


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