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Writing online is becoming very useful to individuals that really just enjoy writing. Each site is different and unique in purpose, but all of them have one thing in common, writing for cash.


Get paid to write free book summaries, product reviews, abstracts, reports and notes. So many individuals already shop online, and make reviews on different products that they have bought. This is actually very useful to the rest of the world. When a product has a bad review, it helps others know not to buy it. The internet and libraries are full of books and readers. Now reader can write book summaries. The main goal of Shvoong is to pay writers for giving useful information to others. Readers will appreciate the reviews, abstracts, reports, and much more.

Word Linx

Word Linx is a site that helps individuals earn money by advertising their sites, and create banners, and create new advert texts with links to other pages. This can also help improve your traffic to other sites or articles.

Expert Column

Expert column is a website that allows writers of articles to post as many articles about any topic, for extra income. This is not a get rich site. Many individuals just enjoy writing. This site allows writers to express themselves in a professional manner. If a topic of article does not meet the standards, it will be declined. Students, writers, poetry lovers, all are welcome. Each article has to be at least 200 words before it can be posted. Every article shows statistics such as views, amount earned, key words, and pay can be done through pay pal. Minimum withdraw is only five dollars.

My lot

My lot is not a writing site for articles. This website simply pays individuals to write, make new discussions, make friends, do simple tasks and earn money. (An example of a task is posting a link on digg.) My lot is a website that pays individuals just to write about their interests and the more comments, discussions, and tasks that are completed, the more cash that is received. My lot is also a good site to help individuals earn for referring friends and family. Referring friends is only used when someone likes the site and wants other to join the group discussions, the more friends the more money that may be earned.


Triond is a wide known writing site. People earn money by writing articles about, products, law, prices, health, business, you name it, and you can write it. Triond does not pay a lot at first. The more you write and the longer, that Triond writers use this as a site to write articles, the more money that will be earned.
Here are a few tips.
Quality earns much more than quantity.
Readers only want to read certain types of articles.
You learn more, as you go.
Triond earns money by views.
Using sites like digg or twitter is useful for spreading the word about your articles.

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