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In Uttar Pradesh (U.P.) state of India, electricity supply to consumers is handled by state-owned corporations, hence all officials responsible for matters of electricity get benefits of being the state government employees. The greatest of these benefits are dereliction to their duties and responsibilities, yet getting very high salaries and perquisites.I, as a consumer of electricity in my village in, begin a series of articles on working of these officials.

Availability of Electricity

In villages of the state, electricity is made available to the consumers for 4/6 hours a day, in installments of 30 minutes on an average at fluctuating voltage at flat tariff rates without any metering of the consumption, although the corporation collects from the consumers cost of the electricity meters to be installed at the individual consumer’s premises. Comparatively, this supply to the colonies of electricity officials, and to the district level administrative officials is available for all the 24 hours of day, mostly free of any charges to the pockets of the officials. This discrimination shows that in the state, the authorities work for themselves and not for the people of the state. For this reason, the state is the worst governed and administered state of the country.

The last white paper issued by the government still ruling the state says that 7,000 MW of electricity is available to the state against its registered demand of 8,000 MW. This proves that all the registered consumers of the state can comfortable get electricity for 20 hours of the day with a proper management.

Now question is where does the available electricity go to. Obviously, it goes to be stolen by unauthorized consumers or unauthorized consumption by the authorized consumers. In the state electricity administration, there is, at every district level, a vigilance department, and surely there is no dearth of officials posted to deliver the utility to the people. Still the thefts of electricity are rampant for two reasons – for the negligence of their responsibilities by the officials, and secondly for sponsorships of the thefts by the officials for their personal gains.

In rural areas, all domestic and agricultural consumers get un-metered electricity supply. Their supply durations are fixed and declared officially, varying at different times, say 8 hours a day, But they are never supplied electricity for the said durations and often get it for about 60% of the declared duration, but they are billed always as if they get the supply for the declared durations. Naturally, it is officially understood that they are getting their due electricity supply. This way saved electricity from the rural consumers is freely available to the officials for getting is stolen by their sponsored consumers paying them at personal levels. Thus, the officials have developed vested interests in curtailing electricity supply durations to the rural areas and hence, never bother for their responsibilities and duties towards rural consumers.

Even at this rate, the revenue receipts of the corporations are of only 25 percent value of the electricity distributed by them. The rest of the revenue goes to the pockets of the officials and some to the defaulting consumers.

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author avatar Funom Makama
12th Nov 2011 (#)

This is a major problem not only in India but developing countries as a whole (especially in Africa). Nigeria for instance has one of the Largest Dams in the world (New Bussa-Niger state), lots of Sunlight/radiation and blessed with crude oil and gas (which goes to a waste) and yet for 50 years unable to supply eletricity to 45% of its populace, the remaining 55% only enjoy an average of 60% electrical consumption.

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