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This article provides you a brief comparison between two article writing websites namely Wikinut and InfoBarrel.


If you do a google search, you will find comparision between lot of article writing websites such as Knoji Vs Hubpages, Hubpages Vs InfoBarrel, Wikinut Vs Knoji, Wikinut Vs Hubpages and much more. Suprisingly, there was not even a single article which provides a comparision between Wikinut and InfoBarrel. Hence, I decided to make this comparision, which may be useful to the readers.

Original articles

Wikinut allows the writer to re-publish their original articles on other websites. On the other hand, Infobarrel allows you to re-publish your articles on other websites provided you remove those articles from those websites. Thus in this regard, Wikinut has an advantage over Infobarrel.

Pre-approved status

InfoBarrel has a system of Pre-approved status provided certain conditions are satisfied. However, unfortunately currently Wikinut does not have a system of pre-approved status

Google adsense

Wikinut does not require the user to have a google adsense account. Thus, the writers can earn or make money irrespective of whether they have a google adsense account or not.

On the contrary, the user need to have a google adsense account in order to earn/ make money in InfoBarrel.


InfoBarrel has contest running for their members in it's website. But, Wikinut does not hold any contest for their users in their website.

Approval Procees

Both Wikinut and InfoBarrel articles go through a moderation process, where by the moderator would approve your articles. However, the approval process of Wikinut is compartively very faster than InfoBarrel. You will have to wait for some days for getting the approval of your article to be published in the InfoBarrel website. Wikinut quickly reviews your article, and if found appropriate in accordance with their standards, your article would be published in their website within no time.

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20th Jun 2014 (#)

Infobarrel pages don't seem to rank in Google unfortunately, which means that they don't get many pageviews

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