Why the heck do people love to organize markets where there's not one single member of the public walking by?!

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Ah, I think one day, when I see a poster for a flea market to be held at Checkers one day. Finally we have found a place where Mother and I can sell our children's DVD's! This is gonna be great!

Another dead, dead, dead ghost market with no buyers whatsoever. Who are these sadist market organizers???

On Saturday morning, when Mother and Elmarie and I go to town, we first go to Checkers where Mother and I wanted to have a look at a new flea market they advertised to have here this morning.

What a damn, bloody disappointment ever more. Seriously, where are we ever going to find anywhere we can sell our children's DVD's that we worked so hard on making?

There was that other Farmer's Market which was a total disappointment because they held it where there aren't any people of the public whatsoever around to come buy, and now, there's this what could have been a potential moneyspinner, but alas, the stupid organizers made sure it's rubbish.

I mean for the love of goodness, they set up the stalls on the roof of the parking floors. Seriously!!! I mean who in blazes is going to walk up all the way there?

What makes me so angry is that, because it's the end of the month and payday was yesterday, there are people everywhere like ants, coming to buy at Checkers, but now they set up this flea market out of the way somewhere on the roof where nobody of this mass of traffic with fresh money will ever, ever, ever see it.

Indeed, when Mother and I and Elmarie walk up the stairs to go have a look, lo and behold, the stalls are there but there is not one single member of the public up there.


I mean look at that!!! People are streaming in and out of the complex, but nobody in their right mind will ever see this flea market hidden away on the roof.

Well, I can only assume somebody thought it would make some nice roof top party or something, but instead, nobody whatsoever come here that we can see.

So, our hopes of having found a new place we can sell our DVD's, is once again a dud.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
4th Nov 2015 (#)

Excellent post!

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