Why mobile technology is significant for business?

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We have almost entered a post-PC era where most of the users are using mobile devices and a very few people access internet through desktops/laptops. Although the transition from PCs to mobile devices will take a bit longer but soon people are going to shift on smartphones completely for surfing. The mobile technology has become important for companies by all means.

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If you are unaware of the benefits or importance of mobile technology in business, make sure you go through the below information;

People now access internet through mobile devices

According to mobile app development Dubai expert and different researches, the number of people accessing internet through their desktops is going down rapidly. At the same time, the number of people accessing internet through their mobile devices is rising significantly. The abrupt leap of people from desktops to mobile devices is the reason companies going mobile.

E-commerce transactions have become easier through mobile
Many researching institutes and studies have revealed that almost 40% of all ecommerce transactions are being carried out through mobile devices. It is expected that the percentage will significantly rise in next three years due to constant increase in mobile use.

Social media is all over mobile

Today, almost every app is developed incorporating social media access so that users can access their social accounts while interacting with the app. Through integrating apps with social media channels, companies can reach out to maximum number of visitors who can be converted into potential clients.

Mobile technology prefers location-based marketing

Today, most of the devices are integrated with location-sensing technology through which apps can access users’ approximate location. Taking advantage of location-sensing technology, apps can be designed considering the display of targeted coupons or offers to nearby stores. Users have their devices with them outside or everywhere and this can be an advantage for any business.

Smartphones and tablets promise mobile marketing

A decade ago, it seemed almost impossible to carryout mobile marketing. Mobile phones used to have small screens and they were considered as underpowered phones. The mobile phones were all about talking, making calls and texting. Today, the time has changed and these devices have become more powerful by way of apps which allow instant marketing of business. Every mobile app development Dubai company is now developing easier apps to get engaged with target audience.

Mobile marketing is extremely cost-effective

Mobile marketing is far less-costly than other traditional media marketing techniques. But mobile marketing is a creative process and it involves good planning and flawless execution of jobs. A successful marketing strategy is carried out by targeting the potential customers and delivering the business message to them in an effective way.
Hence, running and maintaining business in this digital age requires setting up an effective mobile strategy. Today, a lot of large, mid-sized and small companies are taking advantage of mobile technology. If you are running any business and want to reach out to maximum number of people, contact Approxen and develop a mobile marketing strategy.


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Mobile Communication is now considered as a necessity and is being adopted by teens every day. Wherein twenty years back, it was a luxury used only by entrepreneurs, at present it is a small cool device that has been embraced by all sections of the society. There are number of reasons for its ever increasing attractiveness, for example its increasing portability, falling usage charges, lucrative offers on subscriptions and market competition, has resulted in the adoption of mobile technology by the society. Therefore, in my opinion, the introduction of new functions in mobile phone such as voice messaging and camera as compared to the traditional system of using the mobile phone only for talking means that mobile way of life will further infiltrate in the society.

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