Why Would You Miss Your Office?

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As much as you would like to quit your job and start your own home based business, there are some things that would never be the same. You may miss some of the office stuff while you are own your way to your new found freedom. Let's take a look

Before You Move On

Before you move on to the reasons why you would miss office, do read the Reasons Why You Would Decide to Work From Home

As much as you have convinced yourself that office life is not what you want your rest of your life to revolve around, you will still miss some of the props that solely exist in the office.

Office Environment

Walking into the hustle and bustle of rushing colleagues to reach that early Monday morning meetings while the smell of coffee just whips you off your feet and lands you in the pantry even before you start your work computer, you will miss terribly.

That noisy little phone just cannot stop ringing while you enjoy your coffee, isn't it!

As much as you get settled in and start to get active around your schedule, your boss calls you in for a quick forecast meeting. As you drop everything you were doing and march off to his room, you start your routine cursing of his entire family including him just before settling down on the plush chair in front of him and others in the meeting with a wide, broad smile. How sweet can you be!

While you finish your meeting and need to get back to work it's time for lunch and your darling lunch mate is already ready with her purse waiting impatiently for you at your desk. She just could not wait to tell you about the new intern that joined the company and also to let you in on the secret of your bosses secretary. You roll your eyes and pick up your purse and let her spill all she has got.

As the day closes in, you realize you have done nothing but the work of everybody else and listened to everybody else but yourself. You just want to march off and never return!

Oh! the office environment is something you so love to hate!

Home-Work Disruptions

As much as you want to love your family you want to do your own work as well. That is precisely why you left your office and started at home! You wanted to be there for your kids, your spouse and they all talked you into letting the job go as they will support you in your every effort!

Well, it so happens that they start thinking that your 24 hrs now belong to them, entirely! Working from home is a concept that many people fail to understand. You are at home BUT you are working. The second part kind of does not get into the heads of the family members who so happens to have the urgent tasks only you can do!

Beat The Blues

Working from home is an exciting journey. However, you may find yourself stuck with, well, only yourself! You will have the loneliness factor start to creep up and threaten to eat you alive if you do not get out and meet people!

Time Management in the Trash Can

It is not as if you were managing your time well when you were in an office job. However, once you start your own from home, you have the tendency to think that you have 24/7 work time. This is very unhealthy and you will soon start to feel like you have passed over a boiling pot of water to jump into a boiling pot of oil! You wanted to have freedom but you are now chained to the home office!

Home Affairs Reminder

When you were working from office, you had the tendency to find the time and energy to do the laundry, teach your kids, dust the cupboards and do all sorts of home routines. Once your are at home, working, you are constantly having no time to do any of those things you used to do. Every time you walk past your computer or your work desk, you remember the one thing you have to absolutely do, NOW. Your clutter piles up and so does your tension of not keeping the house in order!


Working from home requires a lot of discipline and management. If you do not have the right attitude or an action plan, your life will be miserable. You will start missing your office life as you go deeper and deeper.

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