Why Using Ad Blockers Is Not That Good?

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There are a great number of various plug-ins for your browser to block some or all advertisements on the Net. They are considered to be a great improvement for browsing experience but in fact they also have their cons.

AdBlock Plus

The most popular of them all is the AdBlock Plus, I suppose. It works as a plug-in on Firefox (as well as mobile firefox), Thunderbird (removing ads from emails), SeaMonkey, Songbird, Prism, Google Chrome. It means that you can block all (or at least great amount) ads so you won't see any. This sounds really great for many Internet users. But in fact, it is not as good as it sounds.

So what's wrong with blocking ads?

Ads are pretty annoying and I completely agree with you if you think this way. But without those annoying cockroaches, the Internet would not be able to maintain itself. By Internet, I mean companies that are dependent on the web (provides products or information about themselves and, as a result, gets more profit).

There are also companies that provide tools for showing advertisements on the Internet (Google, for example). Those companies ask you to pay them if you want to use their tools (and show your ads). The money is usually paid for amount of times the ad will be shown or until a specified number of clicks received. So what do you do if you block the ads?

So if you block the ads, those companies, providing them, can not show any for you and thus, you are not a number in statistics any more. This leads to bankruptcy for ad providers. You, being alone, wont hurt anyone but ad blockers are getting more and more popular (AdBlock Plus, for example, was already downloaded more than 82 million times).

Companies are not the only ones who suffer. It is awkwardly bad to block ads on peoples (including musicians, photographers etc.) blogs or homepages. Those people are usually letting you use their creations freely without asking to pay anything. Of course, there are some who ask for donations but that's not the case. Blocking the ads prevents those people from gaining money from those companies I've already mentioned.

Take bloggers, for instance. Bloggers actually rent their web space for advertisers for some revenue. As this rent depends on times the ad is shown or the times the ad is clicked, blocking the ads disables bloggers of getting any profit.

How can I prevent this?

Well, ideally, you just could not use ad blockers. But as we all know, ads are pretty creepy these days. Some of them are so requiring that it may even lag your computer (netbook, for example).

So as a solution, I recommend using flattr.com. What this service allows you to do is "thank" the author (who uses flattr as well) for the goods he or she has made for you. It also prevents piracy.

I am not going to explain how it works here, since flattr.com team has made a wonderful explaining video, which is available at the index page of flattr.com


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