Why Should You Combine Email Marketing and Instagram?

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According to marketing experts, Instagram is the best social media platform that goes well with email marketing and directs huge traffic to the business website.

Why Should You Combine Email Marketing and Instagram?

One of the most common misconceptions regarding email marketing is that it is no more effective like it was before. If you go through the numbers of email users, there is entirely a different story. Just like all forms of marketing, you have to be creative with your email promotional campaign which is actually possible if you are able to combine it with your social media platforms. According to marketing experts, Instagram is the best social media platform that goes well with email marketing and directs huge traffic to the business website.

Here are some of the reasons that make it clear why the merging of Instagram and email marketing is necessary for the success of your online marketing campaign:

A Massive Audience Base

With more than 3 billion email users and nearly 800 million active Instagram users, it goes without saying that the consolidation of these two can create wonders for your online business. The blending of email marketing and Instagram is not a rocket science; in fact, marketers have experienced great results from the combination of these two in their business marketing campaigns. Instagram is known to be a great marketing utility given its enormous users and most of them belong to the younger generation. The appealing nature of Instagram also comes into play in terms of user engagement.

Build Your Brand Authority

A major part of your email marketing campaign, supported by Instagram, is getting your followers to fill out the email signup form. This will help you in listing those emails and further use it for promoting your brand. The features of Instagram make this process easier with its visuals and the presence of a website link in the profile bio that can lead to the page showcasing the email signup form. Besides, the more you are able to engage the users, the more you enhance your brand authority on social media. Apart from boosting your brand authority, you also get to create brand awareness on the web, which is extremely important for your online marketing campaign.

Meet Your Business Goals

Being a visual-only platform when it comes to content, Instagram is the perfect partner for your email marketing. Users love to see visuals over text and incorporating high-quality images into the emails can improve your user engagement, as well as, will provide you with higher conversion rates. The combination of Instagram and email marketing can fulfill your business objectives and release the pressure off your shoulder. In order to get success in your Instagram marketing, you can use the services provided by online sources like stormlikes.com.

Ease Your Email Marketing Procedures

Email marketing might seem typical and dead to most marketers, but it is far away from the reality. You need to use social media platforms such as Instagram for inserting relevant content in your email. Moreover, when it comes to getting the audience to fill the email signup form, you can run contests and offer discounts in exchange for the signup, all thanks to Instagram.


Staying connected with your target audience is now rather easy, thanks to the assistance of Instagram. Keep the aforementioned benefits of consolidating your email marketing campaign and Instagram profile in mind and promote your business accordingly.


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