Why Perceptions Matter in the Work Environment

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Why a good or bad attitude on the job can make or break you

Different Perceptions

You never know what you may look like through someone else's eyes. Perception is a part of life. Even if you don't think you apply perception, you still do. Also, the person next to you uses it on you. You could say that perception works like a two-way mirror. Since most of us spend about one third of our lives at work, perception matters a great deal in the work environment as well.

Perception at work does not just refer to persona; it pertains to an environment as well. Perception at work can have a significant impact on your level of satisfaction, as well as your emotional well-being. While there are certain factors beyond control, you can control how you look at things.

You can't choose the personalities of whom you work with. Since this is a factor you can't control, how about choosing to alter your perception of those personalities? Chances are, if you go to work every day thinking about how much you hate a particular person, and arrive with a frown on your face, this person will see that frown. Even if they actually might like you, once they got to know you, just seeing that daily frown might keep them from attempting to be a more personable individual.

Also, ask yourself what it is that you don't like about someone: Is it the way they dress, the car they drive, or does it go deeper? If for some reason you have a dislike because a person takes credit for your work, you need to ask yourself: What makes them able to get away with it? What can you change about yourself that can prevent them from taking credit for your work?

Another example of where perception comes into place is with the cold hard factor of money. Most people think they deserve to get compensated better. Who can argue with that? However, whom do you compare yourself to? If you compare yourself to someone like Donald Trump, chances are that you will never be satisfied. However, if you can make a list of the things that your current job and income is able to provide for you, chances are you will look pretty good.

If you still feel dissatisfied, perhaps it is time to re-evaluate your situation. Try to think of how your co-workers and superiors might perceive you. That is one of the hardest things to do, as of course people like to think that they come across as nice individuals. But, since we are all human, remember that the way others think often reflects back just the way we think about them. How your superiors at work perceive you can have an important impact of how you get compensated.

Since a work environment comes with its own set of rules and levels of stress and expectations, it is especially important to keep monitoring how you perceive them. At the end of the workday, we take home with us what we experienced, to our family and friends. In conclusion, perception at work can help or hinder in all aspects of life.


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author avatar smoothoperator
31st Jul 2010 (#)

My perception about perception is now clear.

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author avatar Ex JPMer
11th Apr 2013 (#)

I've heard male managers use this term, and all I can say is employees need to be judged on the merits, competency and contribution, not someones biased "perception." Therefore, it behooves management to get off their high horses and become objective instead of subjective, alas the overblown ego of perception junkies always ruins the picture for every one else on a team. It comes down to ethics, being educated, well rounded and balanced both mentally and spiritually, something inherently lacking from in judgmental "perception" types. Stereotypical nonsense should never be rewarded, nonetheless, its all to often what cads go by when passing judgment. The only reason for doing so is to reap the rewards rightfully meant for those who they denigrate. Not only is this practice discriminatory, but blunderingly criminal bordering on socio-pathological. Granted, everyone was fair and decent leadership, but when confronted by a speaker of truth to power, perception junkies are the quickest to shut that truth down..and that is how we find the work environment everlastingly tainted by leaders whose only interest is in themselves and how they can screw good people out earning potential and careers, reputation. Toxic is all they are, and toxic is what their organizations become..i.e. crisis centers spilling their dysfunction out into the world around them.

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