Why Do Mobile Apps Suffer From Poor User Retention

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Know the major reasons for why do mobile apps suffer from poor user retention & how to avoid these mistakes.

Why Do Mobile Apps Suffer From Poor User Retention

The mobile app development economy is one of the fastest growing businesses. Almost everyone who has a business, product or service has realized the power of mobile apps in this increasingly mobile world that is flooded with devices. Naturally, Businesses develop mobile apps after a great deal of research and study. Various tests and protocols are followed for due diligence. Yet 60-88% of users uninstall applications within 90 days of downloading them. Mobile app retention rates are abysmal.

Marketers and app developers have a strategy in place for maximum downloads and optimal retention. One of the ways to target a wider audience base is to opt for cross-platform application development services. It is also true that sustainable mobile apps are synonymous with customer engagement and retention. Metrics show that brands that convince customers to engage with their app on a regular, consistent basis see much higher retention than ones that don’t. But driving that kind of engagement takes a lot of work and analysis of what factors cause users to uninstall apps. Here are some top reasons for users to lose interest or uninstall apps.

1. Frustrating User Experience
User experience is the cornerstone of mobile app success. The digital age has created a generation of impatient users that are used to high speeds and optimal browsing experience. If your mobile app is too bulky or unwieldy and has issues like lagging, errors etc. users will lose interest rather quickly and may uninstall it.

2. Size of the Mobile apps
Mobile devices have limited space and a plethora of apps – each serving a different purpose. The size of an app is an important consideration and if users find the app to be too heavy then they will likely uninstall it for better performance of their phones.

3. Intrusive apps
Research shows that nearly 50% of users un­install apps because of intrusive ads and other annoyances that disrupt their app experience. Poor registration experience or forcing users for social login is one other reason for uninstalling.

4. Poor onboarding experience
A great onboarding experience can help you impress the users while a long-winded and complicated one can frustrate the user and make them abandon your app. Some mobile apps allow users to browse through and take their own time and register when they are ready or when they need to make a purchase.

5. Apps that are uninteresting
Content is indubitably the king and you can’t save an app that is plain boring or doesn’t offer anything exciting for the user. The best strategy of all is to build an app that will provide a service or value for people to visit every day and offer them fresh and relevant information. You need to test and track variations of your ‘fresh content’ to see which components are most pertinent to your users. This is the best technique to implement growth hacking and retention.

So, to counter these user pet peeves, here are some great usability, engagement and retention tips:

• Easier onboarding
• Push notifications
• Personalization
• Incentivization
• Tracking Analytics to see what works

In conclusion
Retention is a key performance indicator for a successful app along with engagement and acquisition. It is time for marketers to understand that number of downloads alone don’t make a successful app, and by avoiding these mistakes and employing usability best practice, you can improve retention and reduce the churn. Do you have any other tips for mobile developers and marketers to increase their retention? Please let us know in the feedback section below.


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