Why America's Youth Needs to Start Investing NOW

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Reasons why America's youth needs to begin investing now

Keep the dream alive!!

The United States is currently the nation with the most millionaires as reported by USA Today and what do most of these millionaires have in common? They all invest their money in some way.


Credit card debt and unemployment in America are at all time highs and the interest rates for student loans is ever increasing. More and more people across the nation are retiring at a later age because they can’t pay off their current debts. Fox Business reports that the percentage of bankruptcy filings for those 65-74 rose 178% in only 16 years.
Americans are wallowing in debt the FDIC reports that every 3 months 250,000 homes will enter into foreclosure. This stems from poor money management and little to no financial literacy

Investing is Easy

A common myth amongst new investors is that investing is too hard and complex for anyone to really understand.
If my 80 year old senile grandmother can actively invest in farmland then you can learn to invest too. Plus most commercial banks and financial institutions have financial advisors on staff who can answer any questions you have.
These advisors can help you plan out investment strategies to reach short and long term goals from buying a car to planning for retirement.
Another common misconception about investing is that it takes a lot of money to start.
Take a look at this chart to see how far only $500 can take you if you choose to start early and invest properly.

Benefits of Investing

See investing is easy if we all choose to invest a little every month we can make a huge difference in our future as nation.
Investing not only helps you down the road but helps our nation’s economy
By investing early you have a better chance of retiring early and you wont have to rely on measly Social Security checks that are not guaranteed to be around when you decide to retire.

Invest in your Future

Next time you visit your local bank ask the teller about different investment accounts the bank offers or you can go online and sign up with an investing firm such as E-Trade or Fidelity.
Most accounts only require a small balance of $500 to begin investing. As you’ve seen by the chart starting early pays off, so invest now and invest in your future.









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