Why Affiliate Marketing has Greater Success Rates Than MLM Business Model?

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I am a big advocate of affiliate marketing and in this post i have shown different reasons.

Why Affiliate Marketing has Greater Success Rates Than MLM Business Model?

If you have been trying to consider what to go for as your next online project between affiliate marketing and multi level marketing, then this article you need to make up your mind! Many times folks have been trying to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each and see which would be the best pick for them but didn't quite get a conclusive decision.

Well, this happens to almost everyone when starting out...

But as you gather more experience in the online world, you get a distinct difference between the two and see how simple but profound affiliate marketing is. Needless to say, many people who have made a significant amount of money online will vouch for this kind of marketing. But you maybe wondering why affiliate marketing when MLM programs give amazing compensation plans?

There's more to it than what you see!

And to help you see why affiliate marketing has greater success rates than MLM business models, here are 6 good reasons why you should settle for affiliate marketing to hep you achieve your goals:

Reason 1: In Affiliate Marketing You Sell What People are Looking for

Whenever you are running an affiliate business, you are helping huge and reputable producing companies sell their products. And usually, there is that portion that the company sells to on its own but since more people want this product to get to them, and at the same time, since the companies have lots of products in their stocks, you are going to be needed to bridge the gap between the consumer and the producer. So the scenario here is not looking for clients to sell to but reaching out to the clients who are looking to buy that product.

When you compare it with multi level marketing, you'll see a huge difference. In MLM programs, you will hardly find people who know the product you are trying to promote and who are at the same time looking to join them. What frequently happens is that you have to introduce the product to the people who you want to recruit and then find all the ways possible to convince them to join the program. And by merely looking at the two, you can see that affiliate marketing is relatively easy to work with than MLM programs.

Reason 2: In Affiliate Marekting There are no Commitments

When you are promoting products for an affiliate program, what you are required to do most of the time is to join the program just to get the affiliate links that you will be using to get the potential buyers through to the merchant and to get your commissions soon after the sale goes through successfully. Other than that, there are no special requirements for you to remain in the program or to earn more with it.

On the other hand, if you are to work with MLM programs, you are going to have to join to get the referral link which you will be using to get potential recruits into the program, to get paid after the recruitment process has gone through successfully, and even more, you have to meet other gievn standards for each specific program so that you are paid as promised. Some of these standards include market the program's products without any significant commissions so as to make the owner wealthy. Basically, when you are dealing with MLM, you are at the mercies of the owner of the program.

You may sometimes have a program that pays commissions to the members after they recruit people and even sell products that the owner has produced and give the members extremely low commissions, if any, which is pretty much misusing the rights of your program's members.

Reason 3: Affiliate Marketing is Free to Leverage!

You don't pay anything to work with affiliate programs. What you need to work with one is to build a website and get it ranked and then prepare it content wise to make sales from it. And after everything in your site is in good shape, you will just have to apply for affiliate links for products of a program you find best for your visitors. If the program evaluates your site and deem it fit to partner with, you get the links for free and start selling. So, through the process of your business, you will not pay the affiliate program for any services, in any case, they are the ones to pay you for your selling efforts.

In multi level marketing, you first have to pay to join the program. You can get access to the member's area if you've not paid the registration fees and be ready to pay the monthly fees to keep your stay there secured. This means that even during the period when you don't get to recruit people into the program, you are still spending on the monthly payments. This is letting yourself to make losses right in front of your eyes. And if you are planning to make money with MLM without having some money beforehand to invest into it, there's no way you can earn a dime from this marketing strategy.

Reason 4: Affiliate Marketing Pays You All of Your Commissions

In affiliate marketing, when you join an affiliate program that you will be promoting products for, there is that commission percentage that you will agree on, before you start the promotion, that you will be getting on each sale of their products. And as soon as you sell, you get your all of your commissions paid into your account immediately without having to withhold any of it for any purposes whatsoever. And you are not going to find any instances when the payments will be held unless when a maintenance routine is being done to improve the user experience, your experience, which rarely happens.

If you look at multi level marketing, there are so many hidden catches that aren't openly discussed prior to joining it. But after you join, that's when the claws are exposed. What I mean to say is that you are going to find many multi level schemes that set a tight term for its members to find it hard to leave. They will say that for every money you make, 10% to 33% of what you are supposed to be paid should be reinvested back into the program so that you get paid the next month. And if you come to think of it, you will see that these schemers are fearing that people might grow tired of recruiting people and decide to leave, and holding some of the commissions in the name of reinvestments will help to keep them in it.

Reason 5: Affiliate Programs Are There to Stay

When it comes to affiliate marketing, you can be sure that you are going to work with the affiliate programs you choose for you website for a very long time to come. This is so because the programs you are selling on behalf of are usually large companies that produce high selling products, which means they are operating offline in their environs as well as online. And this being the case, it is going to be very hard for them to stop operating all of a sudden.

In the case of MLM companies, things are quite unstable. Ideally, these schemes are ran by one person or partners, and the future of the program will very much depend on the decision of the owner or the contract between the partners or even the success rate of the business. This means that if the program won't be a hit for say a period of two years, the owner(s) might decide to shut it down at once. And if they do, all the money that you had tirelessly worked for, together with the reinvestment will run down the drain. And since it may be running only online, chances of you getting your money back are very slim.

Reason 6: In Affiliate Marketing You Are Selling Physical Products

All the affiliate programs you are going to work with will be based on getting a certain amount of money for tangible products that have been sold to purchasers through you and have been delivered to them. You are never going to sell services on behalf of a company and get paid once a service is hired. And this means that chances of people buying what you are selling are high for it is something that people require in their lives to meet a certain need or want.

With multi level marketing, you are selling services, most oftenly, recruitment services to people. I say this because you will be trying to recruit people into the program who will join and also start looking for other people to recruit. There are counted times you will find an MLM program selling products that people are looking for. So you can see the cycle here is all about recruiting to recruit as it is through that cycle you are going to get paid. And without selling the services, it is going to be pretty difficult to get any significant amount of money, if the program allows.

With all these non debatable reasons why affiliate marketing is deemed reliable and much more better to work with as well getting quick success online, you are going to want to work with it from now onwards. If you were thinking about joining a multi level marketing program, you should change your mind immediately as you won't achieve what you want and just go and get yourself a wonderful affiliate marketing training program to help you set up your own long lasting business based on what you like in life.

And where can you get this wonderful affiliate training program?

I'd suggest you try out wealthy affiliate university by Kyle and Carson as it has become greatly appreciated by many folks online. If you look through many recommendations online, you will see a huge chunk of them promoting the good work wealthy affiliate is doing to its members in terms of teaching them this marketing strategy and help them set up an affiliate business from scratch all the way to you first paycheck.


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