Who's Dream is to be a Freelance Writer?

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The comfort or working from home and the independence in being your own boss is all wrapped up in the beautiful parcel of 'Freelance Writing' But is this a dream or the modern form of slave labour?

Who wants to be a freelancer?

Well, that does it! I have finally come to my senses and have had to admit to myself that attempting to find work online as a freelancer is out of the question unless I am prepared to starve: beside this and even worse, accumulate unpaid bills which can drag me to bankruptcy.

I thought descrimination was illegal?

Being bombarded constantly by write-ups on how profitable freelance writing is, along with the commodity of being able to work from home, I decided to finally look into it and see what I could achieve. Even though I love teaching and being surrounded by students and colleagues, the allure of being my own boss and earning a fortune from writing has always been my dream. It is a dream, because the reality is very different to what I had imagined when I looked into it.
The first hurdle was, NOT BEING AN AMERICAN RESIDENT, most of what looked like serious and great sites only employ US citizens while others blatantly and openly discriminated by clearly stating that writers from other countries would be paid less. In other words ‘take it or leave it’ But there is more to come!

Who needs money?

Looking at the payment rates, I decided that going to school five days a week was a much better option. An example cited from one of the agencies, was $100.00 for a five hour write up on different types of Blogs. Divide this amount by 5, the writer earns $20 an hour which at the end gives $160 for eight hours. This amount finally rounds up to $800 per week. Sound rather good in figures, but who an earth can write for eight hours with a deadline hanging over one’s head?
All the agencies make it clear that the time line is very short and that once the request goes in, the writer must complete the task. To make matters even more difficult, there is no guarantee that the articles will be accepted by the buyer. So no sale equates to no money, no money, the household suffers. In a few words slave labour.
Maybe the cost of living in the States is lower than what it is in Australia where people on $800.00 a week can barely support a family of three. Rental is from $300 and up; even worse if one has a mortgage. The cost of living has climbed astronomically in all areas of everyday living with Real Estate being one of the highest in the world In the city of Melbourne there is nothing worthwhile under $600,000. Anything lower, a person needs to have the courage to live in the area and in substandard conditions. Forget Sydney, a shack can set a buyer back over ‘One Million’

School looks fantastic

To make things even worse, freelance writers are competing against large numbers of people; so getting the job becomes a lottery. Consequently, in order to get work writers are forced to lower their rates.
No thanks –I will continue to put up with my Year 8’s


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I am a secondary teacher of Italian and English and enjoy being in the classroom. As writing is one of my favourite hobbies, I like to write on different genres in a creative style.

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author avatar John Watson
30th Dec 2014 (#)

It took a lot of hard work, but I was finally able to quit and make it as a freelance writer.

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author avatar C.S. McClellan
30th Dec 2014 (#)

It doesn't matter where you live. Earning a living by freelancing is hard work, and you have to be very good at it. Making a fortune at it? Only a sucker would believe that's possible.

I can assure you that the cost of living is very high in the US, but just like anywhere else, there are more expensive places to live as well as less expensive.

What you call discrimination, is business. Americans are shut out of some international opportunities. Becoming a freelancer isn't remotely like slavery, and frankly, I find it a disgusting comparison. You don't have to do it. You can quit any time. And you are *paid*.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
30th Dec 2014 (#)

I thought it would be easier as well, but for sure it is not as easy or as simple as people think but the additional income is nice even if not huge.

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author avatar Tinka
30th Dec 2014 (#)

Thanks to all of you for your comments. Nevertheless I personally believe that professional writers (which we are) should be paid accordingly and not be made a commodity of the middle man: namely the agencies.
In response to 'disgusted', when one lowers its standards personal and professional growth is stunted

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author avatar WOGIAM
31st Dec 2014 (#)

As much as i would love to hang my work boots and work for myself, the reality is that working 9especially online writing) from home is very tough.

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author avatar jayaram
3rd Jun 2015 (#)

very good post.

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