Who is responsible for tipping?

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Why do we tip an arbitrary amount of around 15-20% or more? Because the servers "live on their tips" as what they get paid by the restaurant is so low, their full-time wage it is below the poverty line.

Should the customer pay the server's salary?

How should the customer know how much the server's work is really worth? Do they know how strenuous each aspect of the profession demands? And do they have a fair market rate for that sort of work in mind when making this decision?
Does the customer know if their server is getting this tip or if it is being shared?
Does the customer try to figure out how much their tip works out to hourly? Does the customer compensate and tip higher for an empty location, or likewise compensate and tip lower for a crowded place assuming the volume of tables will pay the server adequately.

Is the customer the server's boss?

We all know how stressful it is to have a boss - but how about hundreds of bosses. Sounds like a nightmare.

Now imagine having a hundred or more bosses in a single eight-hour shift.

A whole host of different personalities and preferences. How do you toe the line?

To say nothing of all the special requests and the "It's not that big a deal"s several of your "bosses" may all throw at you at once.

No wonder customers are called patrons! (Boss" in French and Spanish!)

Should the employer decide how to pay the employee?

In most workplaces the lazy and incompetent can't succeed and hard work gets noticed and paid off.

But in food service that pays via tipping, your boss can see you working hard but can't give you a raise! They can give you a better shift or even a promotion, but if that family at that four-top who had you running around for three hours placating their every whim decides to give you $2, that's it! That's all you get, even if the boss sees, even if the owner sees it. The employer is taken out of the compensation equation for the most part.

For many the best solution is to simply find a way to Abandon Tipping.


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author avatar Retired
26th Oct 2015 (#)

not that I've ever been a waitress,
I've worked in fast food joints &
back in the day I worked as a dish washer. But to answer your question. which is by the way a VERY good one I might add. it's only out of respect of the customer to have the DECENCY to tip a
sever what their worth rather it be 2-3-5 $ times are hard & every penny counts these days. think about if you were a server doing their job what would you think??

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author avatar Jeramey
26th Oct 2015 (#)

Yes, but the point is to examine why we do it. The servers should be paid appropriately in the first place, not have to count on random events. A tip should be a "tip", not the salary. You go to work, you get paid -- shouldn't depend on if it's raining and no one goes out to eat for example.

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author avatar Marzeus von Hemelen
27th Oct 2015 (#)

I've been a waiter, so don't think I know only what it's like on the customer's side.

Tipping is stupid. There is no reason a customer should pay twice at one restaurant, once to the restaurant and once to the restaurant employees.

The whole thing is one thing, one bill, and nothing else.

Tipping should never have developed and should be abolished. You can't have your cake and eat it; you can't get a salary from your employer and expect anything more from every one of their customers too. It's insulting.

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author avatar Jeramey
27th Oct 2015 (#)

Very well said Marzeus! Thanks for the comment!

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