Who Could Claim Your Money in Paypal After You Die

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This article resolves the issues baffling the family member right to claim what is left on the deceased Paypal member account in case of sudden death without prior knowledge of the password and email used by dead relatives in his Paypal account.


It may sound easy when you know already the password of your loved ones. In the even of sudden death anyone could have an access to a death member account provided you know the email and the password used by the member. However there are instances a family member have no one know her password and died suddenly without entrusting to anyone her password. What would you do in case you are the closed relative’s claimants?

The following procedures could save you a lot of worries and very detrimental in legal way to make a claim to the death member remaining account in Paypal.

Procedures in Paypal Death Claims

1. Inform Paypal about your family member sudden death.

Contact Paypal about the member demise and provide the proof of death or hospital medical death certificate.

2. Provide the necessary documents, such as copy of the photo ID for the representative of the Estate.

Acceptable identification card are company ID, Social Security Services, and other valid ID’s.

3. Provide copy of the court stamped document naming the representative for the estate.

Claimant should also provide valid ID’s as proof of relation to the deceased member as legal representatives.

4. Provide a copy of the recent utility bill, such as telephone bill, or other documentation reflecting an alternate address.

This is necessary for verification purposes if requesting a check prior to approval of the claim.

5. Provide an explanation of how would you like Paypal to disburse the funds held in the Paypal.

This is the final statement stated when all the required documents are submitted to Paypal.

You have two options for claiming the money left by your deceased family member. You could either choose to be paid in the form of check payable to the decedent and mailed to the primary mailing or payable via an electronic transfer to the bank account registered to the Paypal account.

You could mail it at this address; in the form of check payable to the decedent and mailed to the mailing address for the representative of the estate. For further inquiries you could obtain additional information with regards to the decedent’s Paypal account on behalf of the estate by to writing Paypal. Any request made by you is subject for review and approval. You could either fax or mail the information to 537-5731 or visit Paypal website.


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author avatar Dafeenah
24th Mar 2011 (#)

Very informative. I am sure most people wouldn't know what to do in a case like this. Thanks for sharing.

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author avatar foxpete88
24th Mar 2011 (#)

interesting, thanks.-

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author avatar Aileen Tecson
29th Mar 2011 (#)

hi dafeenah and pete,
thanks for your wonderful comments. take care ;-)

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author avatar ppruel
4th Apr 2011 (#)

Thanks for this Aileen. Now I know what to do. Interesting topic.

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author avatar Aileen Tecson
8th Apr 2011 (#)

hi ppruel,
Your very much welcome ;-)

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
26th Jan 2015 (#)

Thanks for the information and guidance - siva

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