Where Do Designers Learnt It From?

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Many designers today are proud because they made a product that was admired by the general public. Learning that the original copy has a great designer will put us in right perspective.

Designers copied from the original

Designed Fibers: The police make good use of bulletproof vest, as well as the Navy, Army and security officials. This is for safety purposes. Kevlar for example, is a strong and tough fiber made by man. Items as bulletproof vests and other strong materials are got from kevlar fiber. Where do they get the design?

Learnt From Orb-Weaving Spider: This particular spider connectively weav and produce seven kinds of silk. The dragline silk, that the spider uses is sturdiest and lighter than cotton yet when compare to kevlar is stronger and tougher. Spiders love cool temperatures in rooms to produce dragline silk using water as solution.

Navigating Air Plane: Air plane have computerized autopilot systems that is capable of guiding a plane from one place to another, and also land the plane without a controller. When check the capability size of such autopilot system is just the size of a credit card. Is that not wonderful? But who is most wonderful?

Learnt From Monarch Butterfly: The monarch butterfly can fly up to 3,000 kilometers from Canada to Mexico forest. The strength of the butterfly lies on the sun to help it navigate. Just like the solar energy for light bulb to work, the monarch can sustain its self movement across the sky.

Man-Made Lenses: Engineers around the world have developed a compound eye that contain 8,500 lenses when view, can take's one vision straight into the space. And it is a size of a pinhead. Man have detectors and ultrathin more than one functions cameras as lenses that is used in high speed movement. Where do the original come from?

Learnt From The Eye Of A Dragonfly: The eye of the dragonfly has lenses up to 30,000. All these lenses help it to detect objects and their movement far away. It produces images that combine to form wide range of view


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