When I write it. I own it.

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Intellectual property is the most expensive entity. People cannot buy your thinking and research skills in a penny or two and tag it as their own.

When I write it. I own it. Say No To Ghost writing.

"Hi.. Do you fancy doing some research /creative writing work from home and get paid for it? Please message me back if this seriously interests you. For the type of work involved please see my profile."

In afternoon I got the above quoted LinkedIn message from an author who has written multiple books on terrorism and Taliban. This man holds PhD degree in Terrorism studies from prestigious UK based University. I may run out of words if I get into the details of his heavy LinkedIn profile.(To authenticate his profile I Google his name and found his books on amazon. So this man is real)

What a great opportunity it is for any newbie like me to get published. So I studied his profile and current project details. Criminal justice reform project sounded fun. If I will do the effort, I definitely could expect a credit in both forms; plastic as well as published.

So I messaged Mr Author of many books with my query;

Well that sound interesting. Depends on what I will be getting out of it. Name credit or ghost writing?

Reply came with no surprise;

It's strictly ghost writing for a criminal justice reform project.

So what I will get out of it? Money? there is no doubt about it, whatever I will be paid, this person will get ten times more than that. Along with the credit of my precious efforts and inestimable time.

I thought to take an expert opinion. Someone I believe in, when it comes to career and education. He himself is Internationally known and well reputed IOM (Non-Profit Expert Consultant), Blogger Trainer and Author. He shared,

It took me 2 years to write a book which is not thick. A blog in 10 days for me is a task. If I hire content writers, I can have 2 blogs a day. But what is the point. I would like to use my thoughts and my experiences. The only benefit (for ghostwriting is money)

The only benefit is money for Ghostwriters. If someone is willing to pay you for your intellectual skills, you surely are better than him. Where is he taking edge? Why to sell your intellectual property to incapable person with big pockets? Instead it's time you reach for the person who know the value of your skills and is willing to give you the ownership of your work.

It's time to bypass this middleman and start owning work.


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author avatar Sherri Granato
18th Dec 2014 (#)

Great subject. I am not a fan of ghost writing other than the experience and extra money it can bring,

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author avatar Saadia Farooq
19th Dec 2014 (#)

It do bring money but too little in comparison to what the buyer of your writing will get. :)

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author avatar GV Rama Rao
19th Dec 2014 (#)

Ghost writing is a dumb thing to do.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
19th Dec 2014 (#)

If we have confidence in our capacity, why not the real deal? siva

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author avatar Just A Curious Being
26th Dec 2014 (#)

I agree. You cannot calculate the value of my intellect, and I therefore can't settle for a little money in exchange for it. Ownership is everything when it comes to intellectual property. The owner has the value and enjoys the benefits, be it financial or recognition. Own your work, it's better.

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author avatar Saadia Farooq
23rd Apr 2016 (#)

Hi Anna,
You can send me a private message here as well.

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