What you can invest in?

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Here are some investment that can make more money. You can invest at capital market and real asset such as car, land, property, and else.

What you can invest in? Finding Opportunities to make more money

I think the question is not difficult to answer. We can invest anything that could make your money multiply. Today, you have $ 1000. They investment might rise your money up to $ 1200. Your money would not growth if you hold it or save in your piggy bank. People realize keeping money in their hand is not profitable and not safe. The money could decrease because we use it for daily needs like food, cloth, transportation, etc. Some people may interest at your money too. They could bring your money if they have an opportune.
Our life needs money. Money is not everything but we should by anything by money. Sometimes, we need more money in short time. Meanwhile we have no money because we have already used it for buying our needs. Certainly, we should find money to cover our need. We may find project to get some buck alternatively, we can borrow from our family. If we can find money, we must be confused how to cover our needs.
Therefore, we should have reserve money for our future. It is not wise to wasting your time moreover just for fun. Along time ago, my great grandfather saved some gold coin at cooking pot. He used it for financing Hajj pilgrim.
Today we can see some financial or investment company offers investment. They promise give you high return than saving in certified deposit or bank account. Certainly, the investment has big risk. You can loss your money.

There is some investment that you may hold it:
Stock is a proven of company ownership. The stock holder is the company owner; they can decide the company business. OF course, the great holder will determine the core of business. If the company could get profit, the stock holder may get profit too. The profit that is given too stock holder is called dividend. The amount of dividend depends on company policy.
Today the crisis makes most company suffer loss. Certainly, the stockholder could not receive any profit. The price of stock also decreases and it make the stockholder loss. This time, stock is not better option for raising your wealth. Yu can hold some stock until the stock rise again.
Mutual fund
Mutual fund is the bunch of investment vehicles like stock, index, money market, bond, and precious metal. This investment gives you higher return than certified deposit. Mutual fund is the cheap investment. In my country, people could buy mutual fund for $100.
Mutual fund is supported with professional portfolio manager. They could arrange some investment that gives you high return. Mutual fund has some variety like equity fund, bond fund, balance fund, lifestyle fund, precious metal and hedge fund.
Mutual fund is a solution for tiny investor. You can invest at great stock through mutual fund. The critic of mutual fund is the high transaction fee. If you have more money, you do not have to invest at mutual fund.
ETF (exchange Trade Fund) is same like mutual fund. This investment founded to complete the mutual fund weakness. Mutual fund could be sold at the end of day trading. On the other hand, you can sell ETF any time. First ETF is SPDR that base on Standard and Poor 500.You can buy any ETF that base one index market, precious metal, etc.
Like mutual fund, this investment is an alternative for limited money investor. BY owning ETF, you will hold various investments plus the liquidity like stock.
Investor could put money at index too. Index is the average rate of the stock or bond. The famous index is tosk index because the price is dynamic. If the market performance well, the investor could get some return. Today, the condition of market is not good so the return of index could not give you any return.
Side releases Bond who want borrow some money. They will give the investors principal and interest rate. Base on the publisher, Bond could be different into two kinds, i.e. Government Bond and Company Bond.
Government bond is the safest investment because the government guarantees the investor money at all costs. If only a rebel could coup the government, you may loss your money at government bond. Government bond is a government’s tool to control monetary policy.
Bond is traded at long term, mid term and short term. The long-term bond usually has maturity up to 29 or 30 years. The mid-term is only 10 years; meanwhile the short-term is only
Pension Fund
You can put a part of salary at pension fund. Some company put apart salary the employee to the pension fund. The pension fund is very important for your future. They can help you to finance health, your kid education, house, etc.
Besides the financial investment, you can invest at real asset. For example:
1. Land

I never heard a land suffer decreasing price. Land has no depreciation cost. Land is very good investment that may you consider. Unfortunately, land is not liquid as stock. You should fins buyer who wants to buy your land.
2. House or Estate
House is like land but it could decrease when the building is damage. You should always to keep and maintenance it.
3. Car
Car could be your investment too. The car helps you to go to office. If you have a unique car, someone may buy your car with high rice.
4. Precious metal
Ancient people have used precious metal as currency. The value of precious metal is relative stable to economic condition. Precious metal that suits for investment is platinum, gold and silver. The gold is the most stable and profitable.
5. Blog
I am not kidding, if you have much blog or hubpages, you will get money soon or later, you can receive money with hubs. If your article attracts the publisher, you may be rich later. Therefore, you can build so many blogs and hubpages.
6. Education
Someone who held MBA degrees has greater chance to get great job. Although, the cost of education is very high, you will get the high return too.
Beside above example, we can see so many kind investments. You should know that investment not only give you return but also risk. Therefore, you should be careful before investing.
Do not put your money at one investment only. It will harm your money too. Combine the investment for increasing your wealth.


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Nice article. Thanks for sharing and will back for more that's why I'm following you. So keep them coming.

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Nice work Peter...

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The choices are many and depends - we can invest in education or for long term returns but our age plays a part too - siva

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