What to Do If Your Driver's License is Lost or Stolen

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If your driver's license has been lost or stolen then knowing what to do can be frustrating and confusing. This article will provide you with clear and simple steps on getting your license replaced.

What to Do If Your Driver's License is Lost or Stolen

n most states it is required that you carry some form of identification on you at all times. A driver’s license is a very important document and one of the only official forms of identification that a person can get.

A driver’s license is recognized by the Police, Banking institutions, Airports and so many other areas where you must be identified as to who you are.

Steps to follow if your driver’s license is lost or stolen:

Step 1

The first thing to do is make a Police report right away with your local Police Department and report your driver’s license lost or stolen.

It may not be your state’s requirement to file a Police report to get a replacement license but it is a wise thing to do to protect your identity. In today’s day and age with identity theft on the rise it’s a must that you protect yourself and your identity. Immediately reporting it to the Police puts a date a time of the loss and protects you much easier if someone steals your identity and uses your driver’s license.

Step 2

Get a replacement driver’s license. Take a copy of the Police report or the receipt that you have filed a Police report to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and get a replacement license.

Each state DMV may require you to fill out different forms or bring in different forms of identification such as a birth certificate, military I.D., certificate of naturalization, or passport. Most DMV’s will allow you to call and make an appointment and this would be the best time to ask what you need to bring.

Note: if you’re from out of state visiting or on vacation and your license gets lost or stolen then go to the nearest local Police Station right away and file a report. Make sure you obtain the Police “report number” which is what your state DMV will need to process a replacement license.

Step 3

Carry a copy of the Police report or the receipt that you’ve filed one in case you are stopped by the Police. It is illegal to drive without a driver’s license in your possession in all states so if you are stopped you can show the Police that you have already filed a report and are in the process of getting a replacement license.

In conclusion

There are ‘Official’ and ‘Unofficial’ websites that can answer your questions and assist you in getting your license replaced if lost or stolen. Some states will even allow you to get a replacement online.

You can find these sites on the internet by typing; “www.dmv ‘the name of your state’.gov.

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