What To Invest In: In Turbulent Times

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The most successful investment portfolio has to include what is written in this article.

What To Invest In: In Turbulent Times

In these turbulent times especially with the crisis in the Mid-East investors are looking for stable investments. But where to begin with so much upheaval occurring around the world today. Through-out the history of the United States there has always been save reliable trends for good returns on investments. Today, with the rising oil prices has not only continued the the weakening of the dollar but has caused great concern on the future of our economy. Right now even with all this uncertainty oil futures seem to be a pretty good buy. Why not make money from oil instead of waving it goodbye at the gas pump now. Looking at the returns that Exxon-Mobil and even BP still delivers is a real indication that oil is a good sound investment. Our whole economy is still based on mobility. Being able to transport not only ourselves to and form work, but every thing that is purchased is in some way or another connected to transportation and that involves oil.

We now know that when the dollar is weak gold seems to always soar in price. This is so evident today when an ounce of gold is over $1,400. With our economy still floundering, continued weakening of the dollar, and the increasing cost of oil gold prices will only keep increasing. In all of history no matter what economic conditions there have been gold is the one commodity that always had value. Sure, the price has had it's ups and downs but gold has always been a most valuable asset. Before gold goes even higher in value, now rather than latter is the time to invest in gold. Wether it is in gold currency, bullion, mining or rare gold artifacts these are some of the ways for procuring gold. With-out gold in ones portfolio there is a greater risk of future instability.

Wars have been fought over water rights. The availability of adequate fresh water is essential for all life. It just makes sense that investing in fresh water utilities is a sure bet, sort of speak. The greatest factor in the growth of communities lies with the availability of adequate fresh water now and for the future. New York City couldn't have grown into a world class metropolis without securing the available abundant sources of fresh water that was over 60 miles away. The development of water transfer and recycling centers in channeling water from regions that have abundant sources of fresh water to areas that need that water requires investment. The more investment in procuring available fresh water whether it is from lakes, rivers, ground water, or from rain and snow runoffs is essential for the development, growth, and sustainability of life. Investing in water utilities and water related resources is vital for the continuation of not only one's financial stability but for the overall health and economic security of any community. A solid financial investment.

During the Great Depression is when some individuals capitalized on a deflationary real-estate market. Bob Hope and Gene Autry are two of the more prosperous men that came away from that period with a greater individual financial net worth, all obtained by buying real-estate. Almost the same kind of reckless financial endeavors that occurred in the late 1920's caused the real-estate collapse of today. History has repeated itself once again because of the wonton pursuit of the all mighty dollar. A deflationary trend in both periods along with massive job losses simultaneously triggered millions into foreclosure which cost millions more to loose their homes. The misfortune of so many created a huge vacuum of unoccupied much devalued real-estate all across the country. The same trend in lower prices enabled those like Bob Hope and Gene Autry in the 1930's to capitalize on the deflationary real-estate market is happening today. The capability of purchasing lower priced property creates more individual wealth while at the same time stabilizes an already destabilized economy. That same set of circumstances that occurred then in the 1930's is true today for any one with the resources available to increase their portfolio by buying real-estate.

Since 1974 during the first oil crisis technology was beginning to unfold in the development of solar and wind turbine generators. Today that technology has revolutionarized, energized, and now capitalized on the growing market for green energy. Lower cost, more efficient, and more portable solar panels and wind turbines already have enormously impacted the nations energy needs. Companies that offer stock options for their manufacture of green energy systems will only become more expensive like what happened to McDonalds' stocks. They are valued much higher today than when the chain first appeared. When more people become aware of lower costs in purchasing green energy systems for individual usage stocks always increase in value and in price. Now is the time to capitalize on this growing market.

The uncertainty of the world today individuals with the resources are now poised to greatly influence the future growth and stability of the United States. We must always remember that only through investment whether it is in companies stocks, futures, or commodities can any economy continue to grow and prosper.


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20th Nov 2013 (#)

Buying land is always a good option - as Mark Twain said, they don't make land any more...

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