What Is an Online Freelance Writer?

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In the world of work from home opportunities many people have come to the conclusion that being an online freelance writer is a good choice to make money from home. So, what is an online freelance writer anyway?

Freelance - What it Means

The word "Freelance" is used by many people in different professions to indicate that they are self employed and are workers that are hired to perform a certain task without becoming employed by a company or contracted by a company. Being a freelance worker means that you can work when you want and quit when you want, you aren't then unemployed, you are simply looking for other gigs.

You may have heard of freelance photographers, freelance columnists and freelance magazine contributors. One that you will see a lot when looking for work from home opportunities is freelance writer or freelance article writer.

What is the Difference?

An online freelance writer is a writer who knows the ins and outs of writing web content and search engine optimization. While a freelance writer may specialize in magazines, news, or journalistic skills, an online freelance writer can also have a specialty but their writing is geared for the internet.

While an article for a magazine can be written much like a story, articles for use on the web have to be very straightforward, to the point, use keywords and be broken into sections to keep a web readers interest.

As an internet user you know that a page of unbroken text is a sure way to have you moving on to another page. Bullets, numbers and section titles help web readers find the information they need presented in a way that is quick and easy to understand.

How Do You Become an Online Freelance Writer?

Well, becoming an online freelance writer is almost as easy as making the decision to give it a try. If you can spell and use proper grammar, know how to order your thoughts to effectively get your point across then you can start learning the things you need to know to be an online freelance writer. This is the fun part, you get to read other peoples internet writing and learn from professionals, but I've made it quite easy for you, just visit Freelance Writer Online and follow the links to find advice and tips. You will need to learn about SEO, how to write SEO internet articles and how to choose titles and keywords that will make your work easy to find through search engines.

This may seem like a lot of effort to put forth, but if you have a natural talent for writing it is easy to learn internet strategies.

What Do Online Freelance Writers Write?

An online freelance writer may write about any subject that interests them on many different websites that allow the writer to earn money for their work. An online freelance writer may also be hired to write blogs or website content for a company or business that needs to climb the search ranks.

Anyone who has a website has probably heard the adage that "content is king", what this means is that a website the is selling something but doesn't have content, keywords and information on the site to make it easy to find, isn't going to sell a whole lot. There are numerous websites that hire freelancers to provide content, which in turn brings in traffic from the search engines and help build sales or advertising revenue.

Without online freelance writers many businesses would be floundering in the sea of online competition with no idea how to optimize their site.

You Can Be an Online Freelance Writer

If you are interested in freelance writing for the web, follow the link above, read the advice offered, check out the paying sites page to find out which sites pay and how they pay, this is a very important part of freelance writing on the web. Some sites pay an upfront price for each piece while others pay based on page views or ad revenue. Once you decide what you would like to do visit this page to see a real breakdown of what an internet article should include. Then get started writing! You will get out of online freelance writing what you put into it, and by taking the time to educate yourself before you start, you should be able to make money right away.


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Excellent advice and very well written.

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Again; you have written an excellent article full of useful information:)

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Thanks so much for the info, but your link to Freelance Writers Online is broken :(

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i second the motion.

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Corrected link to the Freelance Writer Online Site: http://www.freelancewriteronline.info

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