What Is An Appropriate Keyword Density?

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This article is about What Is An Appropriate Keyword Density

What Is An Appropriate Keyword Density?

When it comes to achieving conversion optimization and search engine optimization with the content that is featured on the pages of your website, you more than likely have heard or even used the technical phrase “keyword density.” Even though this wording is frequently used in the world of online marketing, many people do not understand what that even means. To truly understand the significance that meeting an appropriate keyword density plays in the equation of online success, you must first know what it is and how it is calculated.

The Simple Formula of SEO Success

A keyword density rate is calculated by what has become known in the online world as the simple formula of achieving success with search engine optimization. When you want to look up something in a search engine, you may type a specific word or phrase in to generate a list of results. Those key words are focused on by people that specialize in SEO and e-mail marketing because those are the words that will draw in the highest amounts of people to your website. However, the keywords have to be present within that content a sufficient amount of times in order to not be overlooked by those search engines. That is where the keyword density comes into play. It is simply defined as the percentage of times that the specific word or phrase appears within the content of an article or web page compared to the complete word count on that page. Therefore, the simple formula for this online marketing strategy of keyword density is simply dividing the number of keyword occurrences in an article by the total word count of that article.

The Thin Line between Success & Spam

The important thing to keep in mind when it comes to keyword density is finding the appropriate rate for your content. Why is this so vital? As stated earlier, a keyword has to occur within the same document a sufficient number of times in order for it appear on the radar of search engines. The danger of this online process of driving new leads is that if you have the same keyword appears an excessive number of times this is considered keyword cramming or keyword stuffing. Those are both signs of spam, which are violations of online website best practices and will cause your content to be automatically deleted from the web completely. Most experts confirm that a safe keyword density range to stay in is between 1 and 3%. Anything higher than that can easily be classified as spam instead of quality SEO content.

Exploring Other Avenues of Advertising

SEO marketing is only one of the content management systems available in the online industry. There is an abundance of web/mobile apps that are useful for ecommerce businesses that can easily be researched and discovered online. You can also use social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, and other online programs as Google Analytics and LinkedIn for Business to further establish your online presence and get the exposure for your business that will guide you along on the professional journey to success.

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