What Happens When The Police Stop You?

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Officer Scott Hallock explains what happens when the Police stop you.

What Happens When The Police Stop You?

Many people have never had an encounter with the Police and have no idea what happens when the Police stop someone.

Why are the police stopping me?

There could be a number of reasons the Police are stopping you. You could have committed a traffic violation, you or your car may fit the description of someone they are looking for and need to question. For whatever reason, the Police are stopping you, this is what you can expect to happen:

The approach

Police Officers are highly trained to approach you or your car tactically and with caution. Do not take this personally; they do not know you or who may be in your car so for their safety and yours, expect a careful approach.

The explanation

Once the Officer has approached you, he/she will introduce himself and explain the reason why they stopped you. You may not agree with the reason, or you may have a good explanation of why you were speeding or ran through the stop sign and this is a good time to ask if you can explain. The Officer will listen, but you must understand that, unless there was a life threatening reason for putting yourself and others in danger you most likely will not get out of a ticket.


The Officer will then ask you for your driver's license, proof of insurance and car registration. It is required that you carry identification and are able to identify yourself properly.

The wait

Once the Officer has all of your information, he/she will return to the Police car and finish the investigation while you wait inside or stand off to the side of your car.

The Officer may enter your name into the computer and check that your license is valid or see if you have any outstanding warrants for your arrest. If everything looks good, he/she will finish and either write a ticket or issue a warning.

Ticket or warning

When the Officer has completed his /her investigation, he will return to you and explain either the ticket or warning. If you do not understand what you are supposed to do, make sure, you ask so you have a clear understanding. If you do not agree with the ticket, it is too late to try to convince the Officer to change his/her mind, once the ticket has been written it cannot be changed, save any disagreement for court.

What to do when it is over

When the Officer has finished he/ she will thank you and walk back to his car, and you may leave. The Officer will most likely wait until you pull back out into traffic safely before leaving.


A Police Officer understands that most people will be upset, nervous or scared when stopped. The Officer will do his/her best to try to make the experience as pleasant as can be expected under the circumstances and treat you with respect and professionalism.

Drive safely.

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