Web Hosting: Advantages of Availing Web Hosting Services

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Most start-ups today put up a website to extend the professional image online. Despite Facebook’s efforts at making their social media services extend to business-related services as well, it doesn’t translate as much as to having your own website and getting your email address professionalized as well.


Now that most businesses are encouraged to blog about their businesses to advertise and market their products and services better, finding a reliable web hosting service is crucial to keep your website functioning well. It would be awkward that while you managed to put up your own website, it’s running so slow. There are other advantages worth mentioning too.

- Unlimited disk space and bandwidth

Not all web hosting services can provide this service. And not all web hosting services are clear regarding the fine print in terms of “unlimited bandwidth”. With website owners switching providers and web hosting services, chances are you end up finding the right tools after your second or third web hosting service.

It would be interesting to explore the depth of bandwidth that a web hosting service can provide the moment you sign up for one. If you get to discover that before the slow pace of the website gets to you, then maybe it turned out to be a good choice after all. The sad part about it is that some web hosting services are only aggressive in terms of marketing their services but not retaining the customer base they already earned. And since depth is already mentioned...

- Unlimited sub domains

This becomes a factor if you plan to have a website that hosts a sub domain for news, a sub domain for media mentions, a sub domain for the gallery and a sub domain for the blog. And each sub domain will not have as much content as the other sub domains. It basically depends on which part you fill in more than the rest.

If you are a blogger, much of the content will be on the blog section. Blogging about your business is different from simply posting news articles copied and referenced from their main news sites. If your business is rather dependent on the gallery just in case you’re a photographer or graphic designer, then most of the bandwidth will be diverted to the gallery section. If the sub domains are unlimited, usually it includes space for an online store. You then see how everything gets pieced altogether.

- Reselling opportunities

I must say it is the rage now. Some individuals have capitalized on the opportunity to resell the blogging platform that they bought from certain companies. The difference lay in the price tags. In an economy like what we have today, not everyone is willing to spend extra on web hosting services that come with online marketing training. Most businesses need a website to get their products and services advertised online. But the budget doesn’t always include the latter. Business would only need the domain at most. And if they could earn from it first before going advanced training-wise, they would.

- Dedicated hosting service

Perhaps the most interesting of the lot if you are concerned about lags, instead of renting space online, you get your own web server. Some plans offer a higher level of security, too. Webmasters get a kick out of less lags and faster internet speed. Getting your own server meant seeing the website load faster not only on your end but also for clients and employees. You even get to pick between Linux-based and Windows-based. While most web hosting services guarantee hotlink protection and avoiding spam, having your own server meant escalated levels of protection on your end. Going territorial online really has its perks after all.

Whether you choose the web hosting plan that your current blog provider is offering or taking the promos that the other web hosting services offer you, it’s still your choice. Add the offers that your current internet service provider just sent you through the email and you have more than enough options to explore. Just don’t forget to base your decisions on the benefits that come with putting up your own website. Glad to be of help.

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