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In the retail business you have to keep the customer happy, this is how iwas taught to do that. It also creates good will for the company. The word get around that you treat the customers right.

Warehouses full of tires that need to be on customers cars.

We Have Many Tires; Customers are Hard to find 10/30/12
Many years ago I was a Station Manager for Standard Oil of California, they had a very liberal policy of adjustment on their automotive products that we had for sale. Along with gasoline and motor oil, we sold most small parts you needed to keep your car running.
Some the many things we had for sale were of course Atlas Tires, and inner tubes, most people today have never heard of an inner tube except at the beach to use to float on. Tires used to need inner tubes to hold the air and stay inflated, but with the perfection of the tubeless tire we no longer need tubes.

I spent sixteen years in the automotive business so I do have some knowledge of what it takes to make your car run. I will just tell you some of the things we sold, and to sell them we had have knowledge of the product: there were PCV valves, pressure controlled radiator caps, radiator stop leak and rust inhibitor, fan belts, oil filters, air filters, valve caps and cores. And also polish for the cars, windshield wiper blades, chrome polish.

Everything we sold was branded Atlas
and it kind of set the industry standard for quality, and the company guaranteed everything. The Atlas Plycron tire was one of the best wearing tires I ever had, this was before radial tires , but yet you could get thirty or forty thousand miles out of a set of tires. It seemed that they had kind of a special tread design. So they lasted longer.

How I learned to keep a customer

Then they(Standard Oil Co.) came out with a new tire with a better ride as the rubber compound was softer, but it was still supposed to get the same mileage as the Plycron. Let me tell you that it did not. The guarantee was a time and tread depth guarantee, one day a customer came in with a set of the new tires and he was mad and wanted new tires because it had only been a short time and they were literally worn out. He was right they were worn out. But with the time of the warranty it had expired, but with very few miles, according to the terms of the warranty “he was out of luck”. Well when I told him that he became very irate. So I said “let me call the retail representative.”

The Rep’s name was Ralph Harritt, a super nice guy. On the phone I told him the situation, he said to me”Give the man a new set of tires”, so we did. He drove away happy and we kept a customer for the company. In those days there was lots of competition in the service station business. We gave full service, washed all the windows, checked the oil, checked the air in the tires and even dump his ash trays. Ralph came to see us the next day and here is what he said: “We have warehouses full of tires, but customers are hard to find”.

That’s how I learned about customer service, the most important thing is to make the customer happy.

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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
31st Oct 2012 (#)

You know that is one thing we miss today. I remember the garages of old (and here is my Englishness showing) that did everything, served petrol as well as keeping your car serviced, it may be a relic from the past but it also represents a changing attitude - tyre, brake, exhaust and other specialists do not seem to have the same customer service attitude. Yet one thing has changed about the modern car that makes servicing more awkward on-board computers that monitor everything.

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author avatar Joseph l.Cox
1st Nov 2012 (#)

Thats true peter, cars are more sophicated thanthe people who drive them. There are still some services that could be given. thanks the comment

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author avatar Clarence Schreiber
8th Nov 2012 (#)

Well said my friend. I work in the grocery store and I know that customers demand great customer service. An excellent read.

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