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There are a lot of idiomatic expressions used in business and this one trully proves to be of use.

Walk your Talk

Simply put as Practice what you Preach or Do what you say. Be consistent with your actions.

Let us dissect the terms used. Why is it that it was not “Run your Talk”? Is it really necessary and essential to use the term “WALK”?

What is then the significance of Walk in the phrase?
Why is it important to walk... not run or hop or climb?
The same thing goes with the term TALK... why not shout? Or whisper?

The questions I posted might sound funny or silly or absurd to some. However, I believe that it is of paramount importance to consider and reflect on the terms used in order for us to fully understand, comprehend and appreciate the phrase.

Definition of Terms

Walk – taking one step at a time with a decisive and precise movement. One foot is always in contact with the ground as opposed to running.

Hop – a locomotive motion which begins energetically and quickly

Run – moving rapidly on foot

Climb – moving in an upward movement with the use of feet and hands.

Talk – to articulate or express one’s thoughts and emotions through spoken language. To communicate in a nice manner what one’s mind and heart desires.

Shout – a loud cry expressing emotion or command.

Whisper – soft speech without the use of full voice. To speak quietly and privately.

Crystal Clear!

Based on the definitions enumerated above, it is quite clear why the choice of the terms “walk” and “talk”

The use of walk means we have to do or practice what we say in a decisive manner and with precision. Meaning we should decide firmly and precisely to practice what we say. Consistency is also the key in order for us to achieve the results aimed.

The use of talk is likewise clear, because when we say “talk” it refers to the expression of our thoughts in a manner that is acceptable. It is thereby means to communicate and is ready for a response from the others to whom we are sharing our thoughts and ideas regarding the matter. It does not merely refer to our emotions as opposed to using the term “shout”. There is confidence in articulating our thoughts when we say “talk” as opposed to whispering it.


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