VoIP Business Opportunities in Africa - Based on Popular Telecom Operators for Voice Termination In Ghana

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Here is a short overview of VoIP business opportunities in the African continent, based in general on Ghana telecom market.

Telecom Market Overview in Ghana

The first mobile phones in Ghana were introduced in 1992. Then the telecommunications market began to develop in the country, which has increased significantly over that time. Today in Ghana, there are 4 main mobile operator - MTN Ghana, Vodafone, Tigo and Airtel.

The largest of them - is MTN, it covers 50% of the market. About 11 million local residents use the services of the operator. Vodafone possess more than 4 million mobile phone users, the company is the second largest after MTN. Tigo is on the 3-rd place with the 4 million of subscribers and Airtel - 2.5 million customers.

MTN packages are the most suitable for wholesale VoIP termination in Ghana. Since the operator spends most significant volumes of traffic at the terminator, it is possible to get as many calls as possible. This provider offers a Prepaid package, which is beneficial for the wholesale a to z voice termination of traffic. Using it, you will spend an average of $ 65-80 per day for cellular communication, plus about $ 32 per month for the purchase of new SIM-cards. It is in case of 5-hour work of one GSM Gateway 8 ports.

Vodafone Mobile has cheaper tariffs: the most convenient package will give you the minimum cost of calls - about $ 17 per day. In addition, one should take into account the costs of new SIM-cards - about $ 56 per month, with an average lifespan of a SIM-cards - 7 days.

Get more information from the web on the GSM termination in Ghana. Also, see the anti-fraud services, that will allow you to protect the SIM-card from the fast lock and automate workflows to save time.

General Overview of Beneficial Packages (Ghana Telecom)

The most favorable Prepaid package from Tigo is a Double Delight. When topping up the account you get a bonus - the amount of money doubles. Calls to the Tigo network cost $ 0.032 per minute to numbers of other operators - $ 0,043. In operation, one 8-channel GSM gateway for 5 hours, you will spend 39 to 52 dollars per day. For the purchase of new SIM-cards will take about $ 32.

Airtel offers several tariff plans Prepaid, which are suitable for profitable GSM termination. The most profitable of them - Kasa Saa Extended, providing for a tripling your money after each refill. Tariffs for calls are $ 0.03 per minute in the Airtel network and MTN numbers, $ 0,038 to the other operators. With this package of communications costs amount to an average of $ 24-31 per day. Monthly costs for a new SIM-card - about $ 32.

Some terminators prefer to use the cheapest tariff plans for landing traffic GSM, however, better to choose packages from all the major operators in Ghana.

Starting VoIP Business based on Voice Termination to \ from Ghana

Components wholesale VoIP trading
To expand the wholesale VoIP services you need:
• Hardware: Softswitch
• traffic Suppliers
• Customers – the clients \ users of the traffic and other resellers
The equipment required for wholesale VoIP traffic trade and the number of the equipment depends on the traffic volume, which you are going to work with.
Starting with a small amount of traffic you can get by with one server, but it is recommended to use two, which would guarantee the stability of your business in the case of hardware failure.

For profitable VoIP GSM termination in Ghana, you need a complete solution for productive equipment. At your disposal - effective tools to extend the life of SIM-cards, process automation software to work with SIM-cards, personal account to remotely control all the equipment from anywhere in the world.

As a single access point to VoIP traffic to Ghana you can choose the online service. For example, many telecom carriers provides to its customers a voip wholesale portals (like this service portal.voiplatinum.com) with the robust billing and analysis module. The customer sees all the rates and routes in a single account, which is very comfortable. The customer can manage his VoIP business from one single point through the internet. the decision is up to you!


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