Use A Woocommerce Shipping Plugin To Get More Sales

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WooCommerce is one of the most popular platforms for selling goods on the Internet. If you’re using WooCommerce, it’s likely that you’re filling a large amount of orders, and those orders require a lot of attention in order to ship them.

WooCommerce Is the Most Popular Platform

While WooCommerce is a very powerful ecommerce shopping platform, it doesn’t handle the shipping portion of order fulfillment on its own. If you use WooCommerce, you should invest in a WooCommerce shipping plugin to get the most from your online store.

When receive a lot of orders, handling the shipping portion of the process can quickly overwhelm your staff. It’s a very rare business that receives their orders in a steady, predictable stream. Most businesses have rush times and slack times, and customers will expect you to handle their orders the same way no matter how busy you are, or what time of the year it is.

Some businesses try to handle order fulfillment in-house. In today’s business climate, that is usually a mistake. Unless you automate as much of the process as possible, you won’t be able to keep up with your competitors. That’s why a WooCommerce shipping plugin is a necessity if you want to offer your customers the maximum amount of shipping choices without overloading your staff.

WooCommerce Is the Most Popular Platform

Ecommerce has been growing rapidly in the last decade, and WooCommerce has grown along with it. There are over two million businesses currently using the WooCommerce platform, which accounts for as many as ten percent of all ecommerce stores. There’s a good reason for the popularity of the WooCommerce platform. It works well right out of the box, it’s easy to set up and launch, and it synchs well with hundreds of add-on widgets. That makes it easy for any sized business to get their ecommerce store up and running, and to tweak their site to make it fit their business perfectly.

A WooCommerce shipping plugin by a company like is a great example of an aftermarket application that can improve the performance of your business without a lot of time and money spent on development costs. WooCommerce collects all the information you require to fill your orders, but without a shipping plugin, you will be forced to download the data in CSV format and then deal with entering the information into your favorite shipping portal manually. Whenever manual data entry is introduced into a fulfillment process, mistakes will inevitably occur. During extremely busy periods, the chances of mistakes will rise if you don’t use automation to handle the information.

Increase Customer Satisfaction With a WooCommerce Shipping Plugin

It’s not just mistakes you need to worry about. Any part of the order fulfillment process that is handled manually slows down the shipping time. Customers are keenly aware of the amount of time it takes to get their packages, and if they observe that it takes your business longer to process an order than your competitors, they might buy elsewhere in the future. The beauty of a WooCommerce shipping plugin is that it can put you on an even footing with any retailer, no matter how small your business is. Automating shipping processes will give your customers the same seamless and fast order fulfillment that ecommerce giants offer.

You’ll save money and time if you use a WooCommerce shipping plugin, but your customers will see the largest benefits. Your WooCommerce shipping plugin will be able to communicate directly with your WooCommerce API. That will make it possible to synch a number of useful utilities like customer notifications, order status, shipping schedules, tracking numbers, and delivery notifications.

Use Any Shipper

Many ecommerce companies stick with one shipper because it’s time-consuming to sort through the permissions and policies of one shipper, so implementing shipping from multiple carriers can be overwhelming. That can cost you sales. A WooCommerce shipping plugin will be able to communicate directly with every major shipper. That’s a substantial benefit to offer your customers. Many customers have a preferred shipping carrier, and will appreciate the ability to choose it during checkout.

Let Customers Customize Their Orders

Integrating a WooCommerce shipping plugin into your ecommerce store is good for your workflow and good for your customer, but it also brings an additional benefit that’s very real but hard to quantify. When your customers are checking out, they often look at everything between them and signing off as a hassle. You can change your customer’s attitude toward shipping at checkout by using a WooCommerce shipping plugin to turn shipping into a form of order customization.

Shoppers like picking out their goods before they buy. They pore over the specifications of every item, read reviews, and closely inspect the photographs and videos of the item before they put it in their shopping cart. They enjoy customizing their orders by style, color, size, and other variables to suit their lifestyle and their budget. You can turn shipping into the same sort of customizing opportunity for the shopper.

A WooCommerce shipping plugin will offer many variables for your customer to consider. They’ll be able to choose the carrier, the shipping speed, notifications, and other details. They can tinker with lists of options to see how their decision affects the cost and delivery time. Instead of simply paying for shipping, they’ll be choosing options. That makes them feel empowered, and leads to additional customer satisfaction from a part of the checkout process that used to be considered an annoyance.

Avoid Cart Abandonment With a WooCommerce Shipping Plugin

It’s always difficult for a webmaster to tell exactly why shoppers abandon their shopping carts. The likeliest reason for cart abandonment is that customers are faced with a cost that they did not anticipate. Shipping rates that aren’t clear or don’t allow a lot of choices turn off shoppers and lead to lost sales. A WooCommerce shipping plugin helps reassure shoppers that they’re receiving the best possible deal that suits their needs and budget.

Spend More Time Selling

Ultimately, your job as an ecommerce merchant is to sell. If you spend a great deal of effort, energy, and money on tasks like shipping that could be automated, you’re throwing away time that could be spent on increasing your sales. If you use WooCommerce for your online retail site, it makes sense to include a full-featured WooCommerce shipping plugin as part of your total shopping experience.

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