Unethical practises of large corporates, force small business owners to become lawyers

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How persecution, harassment and unethical practices of large corporates force small business owners to study law to survive

How unethical corporate practices force small business owners to become lawyers

While a law abiding salaried individual is unlikely to face any legal problems, increasing small business owners and professionals find that false cases are filed against them by competitors and large corporates to destroy them socially, financially and professionally. Hiring a lawyer can become expensive for the small business owner who has a large number of false cases filed against them without proof, to defame and harass them, so a look at the factors That Can Motivate Someone To Become A Lawyer. In countries like India, some of the larger internet companies have lawyers in the top management.

In the IT and internet sector, companies like Google, Tata, Paypal are allegedly notorious for encouraging blackmailers and extortionists to file completely false cases against small business owners to extort money and ruin the reputation of the business owner. The business owner would have never even interacted with the person making false allegations, without proof, and can easily proof his or her innocence, yet the small business owner is never informed details of the allegations being made or given a chance to defend himself or herself. Being a lawyer can eliminate false cases against the business owner.

Another strategy allegedly used by Google, Tata, Paypal to destroy small business owners is to protect and reward all the the mediocre frauds who will cheat the small business owner. Complaining to the police does not as these companies are allegedly protecting the cheaters like brahmin bengaluru nayanshree hathwar, ensuring that the complaint will be ignored by the police. Similarly these companies are protecting, rewarding frauds like goan fraud siddhi mandrekar who commit corporate espionage on a small business owner and steal data daily. Additionally the small business owner will be tortured daily using sophisticated radiation directed energy weapons.

These large companies are also diverting all the correspondence of the small business owner who has been defamed without proof and cheated to the mediocre lazy frauds who have cheated her or are well connected, so that these women can steal the correspondence, demand a bribe, impersonate her or run an extortion racket. It is very difficult for the small business owner to get help or earn a fair living due to theft of correspondence. These companies also ensure that no lawyer will take up the matter for the small business owner, threatening or telling false stories to lawyer. Hiring a lawyer can be expensive for the small business owner who has limited sources of income due to persecution, so becoming a lawyer can reduce the legal problems to some extent.


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