Unemployment in Malaysia. Causes.

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Why there are substantial unemployment in Malaysia for fresh graduate?

Unqualified and Unable to get job for fresh graduate

In 2008, the news reported that up to 100,000 fresh graduate couldn't get a job after six months they have come out from the University.

There are qualified and educated.
But they have some major problems.

1. They can write, they can understand but they unable to speak English.
English, indeed has claimed to be Second Language in Malaysia. However, it still lack of practice by the locals. Majority of them refused to speak English.
2. Brain Drain.
A lot of theoretical knowledge has been taught. But lack of experiments,thinking skills,critical thinking, halt the brain to develop more.
3. Expecting more rather than working more.
It seemed the culture to dream a job that get a high paid but work less hours.

Note: I write this article without any intention to offense any parties. Be open. Critics and argument is welcome here.


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I live long enough in town, watching people suffer from their income deficit and HIGHLY expenditure...(more)

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author avatar Saqib
15th Nov 2010 (#)

I agree with you that fresh graduate in Malaysia are not as much good in English, I think this is only problem with native Malays as I have seen that Chinese and Indian Malay are very good in English.
One thing more I want to add, is the environment in the University, if you want to improve your personal skills then you should have to speak with your friend and practice it there, have a nice day...:)

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author avatar mewtwo
15th Nov 2010 (#)

Saqib: One point added too. Environment. Need not compare with oversea graduate. Have a nice day too.
Money1989: yes, if it is 9.6% of unemployment rate like U.S.A.

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author avatar Jonah
11th Apr 2011 (#)

Firstly, i do understand your concerns and causes for unemployment and the education system in status quo. But, it seems all hope of credibility is lost to me, when the author has terrible grammatical errors in his article to begin with. Next is the brain drain, the subject title and the description does not make any sense whatsoever between theoretical knowledge and its practices. Please expand further to make sense on this point and about the last point, I, believe that is the social paradox of the working world where no one expects to work more than required. So please, before attempting something so pro-found like solving the graduate employability paradigm. Do a little reading yourself and do make spell check your newest best friend. By the way this article has no scholarly use at all and no, you have failed in your desperate attempt to appear brilliant.

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author avatar Francisco
13th Aug 2011 (#)

yes, i do agree with Jonah about your grammatical problems, and i think you should improve your English. I am in no way criticizing you but I too am not certain about what you meant by the brain drain theory.

despite your good intentions, i have to say you aren't helping at all with the matter at hand, simply insulting the author and putting him down will not determine the cause of unemployment in Malaysia.
Thank you for listening.

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author avatar YellowIsMyFavColour
3rd Jan 2012 (#)

You has a terribles England. Please reads more England books & newspapers, Before you criticize others. Thanks you.

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