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What are people searching for on Google for this year? Here are some interesting key searches for this year

Top searches

The year of 2013 is just halfway, but Google has already has a chart that categorizes each category and has the top hits for each category so we do know what the trends are. However, these do not include topics that are not in the chart like news or unique keywords that are not in chart. However, these are the general categories for us to see. If we are writing, we can pick one of these top category to write about and we will sure get some hits from Google and searchers around the web.

Google has categories like top people searched, top movies, top pop stars, top celebrities, top business, top sports, top politicians and so forth so this is what this article is about.

The top Actor

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez at number one in chart. This means searchers typed in the word Selena Gomez the most on Google for actors. She is not the best actress but perhaps she is on top due to the fact that she's rubbing the fame off of Justin Bieber. I know of so many more deserving actresses that should be on top.
Teenagers are the ones with all the free time to browse the web cause our grandparents are not searching for Harrison Ford.

The top animal keyword


Dog is the top animal keyword searched and I guess it's not a surprise since most people own some sort of dog so they have to search for dogs products, how to take care of them or where to find one. Dog is a man's best friend.

The Top Athletes keyword

Michael Jordan

Who else but the King of basketball himself MJ, but I think his recent engagement also brings in tons of searches.

The top authors searched

William Shakespeare

Of course William Shakespeare would top the list, cause I can't think of anyone more talented and deserving then him.
There are so many movies for his work and we read about him in college.

The top baseball players

Jackie Robinson

The top baseball teams

Boston Red Sox

The top basketball team

Los Angeles Lakers

Top keywords searches

The top book

The Bible

The top business people

Oprah Winfrey

Top soccer player

Lionel Messi

Top soccer team

Real Madrid

Top songs

Wagon Wheel

Top space object


Top basketball team

Los Angeles Lakers

Top TV show

Game of thrones

The top whiskeys

Jack Daniels

The top governor

Arnold Schwarzenegger

The top car companies


The top car

Ford Mustang

The top DJs

Skrillex DJs

The top country


The top University


the top dog search

Pit bull




United nation

the top Kids TV

Spongebob square pants

Top searches

The top restaurants

Pizza hut

The top software techonolgy


The top movie

Iron man 3

The top medication


the top Pop artist

Justin Bieber

The top people search

Kim Kardashian

The top reality TV show

American Idol

The top online retailers


The top scientists

Albert Einstein

The top politicians

Barack Obama

The top drink


The to energy company


The top fashion brand

Forever 21

The top food


The top banks

Well Fargo banks

The top chemical elements


The top cities


The top drinks


Credit: Google chart


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