Top 5 Ways to Create Engaging Online Content

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How to create more engaging content for your readers.

Content Is King

Content is king. That’s what just about anyone in the know will tell you if you ask them how to find success online. If your site is enjoying high traffic but you’re having trouble converting, then you may need to make your content more relevant and engaging.

Here are a few ways you can improve your content and start seeing results immediately.


Attaching an image to your content only takes a moment, but that one moment can make your message much more memorable. Not only is the brain wired to remember more when an image is associated, but images also help to break up text and add new dimensions of color and emotion to your content.


Video is the future of marketing. At present, video makes up about three-quarters of all internet traffic. This is no surprise, given that people prefer watching videos to reading.

There’s no need to hire a film crew to reap the benefits of video. Using stock video is an easy and effective way to make your content more engaging, and it only takes a minute to choose and embed directly onto your site.


Here are a few reasons that lists are great ways to get your message across.

• Easy to Read- Lists are already broken up and categorized into the most important information, making them easy to read and skim.
• Keep it Simple- Lists simplify and condense the message you want to get across. Given a simplified list or a detailed wall of text, what would you choose?
• Visually Pleasing- Lists in the middle of a text make the content seem less daunting, while list-based content breaks up the text into fun-sized chunks.


We’ve already mentioned “breaking up the text” in some of the tips above, but what does that mean? Spacing your text by using short paragraphs, lists, subheadings and images lowers the reader’s anxiety and encourages them to read on. Walls of text are scary, whereas short paragraphs broken up with colorful images and stock video are much more attractive.

Open with a Bang

The introduction to your content is arguably the most important part. If you open with a bang and hook your readers in, they will be much more likely to read on. If alternatively, you open with facts, figures or drawn out sentences, your readers will likely abandon ship for something more enticing. Here are a few tips to improve your intros.

• Be Positive- Nobody wants to feel depressed right off the bat. Start things off by making your readers feel good.
• Use Short Sentences- A long opener can scare readers away, so keep it short and sweet at the start.
• Use Anecdotes- Tall a little story that relates to your readers’ needs.


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