Tips to Increase views for your You Tube Videos.

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You can increase view for your youtube videos fast by simple 5 steps.

5 tips to Increase earnings from youtube.

1. Keep in mind the Running Time of Video.

Now people are more willing to watch longer videos on internet. This is good for publishers of narrative videos. But everyone’s time is precious. When it comes to instructional videos, a running time of 6 minutes or less is ideal. Make short, fast-paced step-by-step content videos. Try hard to keep Your videos as short and to-the-point as possible. This will really help engagement with more people.

2. Create Appropriate Thumbnails.

If you are YouTube partner and have the option of creating custom thumbnails, make thumbnails that will look good in search engine results. If you’re not a partner, you will have a choice of three thumbnail options auto-generated by YouTube. Take the best one. This will result in more views. When somebody types something into a search engine, they are looking for an answer to a question. Make the thumbnail clear enough that they think clicking on it will give them the answer. While making video thumbnails put yourself in the person who is looking for the content you’ve made. The thumbnails must be a simple close-up picture of one of the contents.

3. Interact With your Audience

YouTube is a social network site. You have to engage with your audience. This takes a lot of time, but it makes a big difference. Respond to comments on regular basis and the quality and quantity of comments will increase. This engagement also increased your YouTube views, shares and video responses. When the YouTube algorithm detects action around a particular video, that video is more likely to get featured and getting a video featured is a sure way to explode your channel growth.

4. Metadata is Necessary.

The Metadata makes a big difference in a video that gets searched through search engines and one that just sits there after the initial buzz wears off. Filling out a detailed description of your video, writing good headlines and strategically optimizing your tags is the part of video publishing that everybody would like to ignore. Metadata will help the traffic go to your home page too. Optimize the meta data on all the videos and your older videos will also start to climb the search engine results.

5. Annotation is an effective tool to increase views and subscribers.

An annotation is the little bits text one can add as overlays to his video. In addition to adding additional text information, one can also link to other videos and his subscription box. Make use of them and experiment with different ways to present them. You will be able to increase views to related videos and greatly increase subscribers to your YouTube channel.


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author avatar Rose*
18th Mar 2013 (#)

You are right about short videos. Anything longer than 10 minutes and I stop watching.

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author avatar bronnamdi
13th Jul 2013 (#)

Thanks for the article. I was searching for material for mine and got here. The tips are short and necessary. I am already using them.

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