Tips on Increasing Article CTR

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Getting visitors to your site is a no-brainer, but more important than that is they must be able to click on your intended link in your article.

How to Increase Your Article Click Thrus

You would also want them to read your article. To help achieve this, here are the 3 most crucial matters your article must have in order to get click thrus.

A great title

An interesting introduction paragraph

A convincing call to action

A great and catchy headline will spark interest in a person to want to continue reading your article. Then your first paragraph will entice the reader to genuinely read the article. Lastly, you need to compel the reader to take action so that he or she will want to click your link.

A great title

Your title must include your keywords to make your article easily found by search engines, but more than that, your title must be able to get people interested to read your article.

Carefully think of a title that is either attention-getting, funny, emotional, arouses curiosity, a little outrageous, and definitely NOT boring. Use trigger words in your title such as how to, the benefit, question, the cure for, the truth, tips, numbers, story, secret, or mistakes.

An interesting introductory paragraph

You only need a few sentences, at the most, to genuinely get the reader's attention before he loses interest and leaves the page. Therefore, when composing your article you will probably need to spend a lot of your time on this paragraph.

If you want to see good examples of powerful opening paragraphs, simply read the newspaper. You will discover that each newspaper article uses a certain technique to hook the reader. They could use an outrageous claim, ignite some controversy, hit some hot buttons, frighten, give a forecast the future, or use just about any technique that keeps us reading further. That is what you need to do with your article.

A convincing call to action

When you write something, it is best to include a call to action. Don't provide all the details. To keep them on your page or your profile, you may ask them to visit another one of your write-ups or if you are offering a product, offer something for free. Offer something of value. Motivate them, not blatantly though to click thru your other stuff? Make it easy, clear, and irresistible.

Observe the examples of other successful article writers' profiles to see some examples of what works for them.

Lastly, test your work. Sometimes you may need to edit to come up with more creative words, or perhaps a better offer, but you will never know until you test it.

The more you write articles with a purpose, the better you will be. Focusing on these three areas; the title, the intro paragraph and call to action, each time you write an article should help increase your click thru rates.

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One needs creativity to stay in the game. Thanks for the tips - siva

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