Tips To Become A Top-Notch Food Server

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The segment of the food industry that hires the most employees is the location or place where most Americans enjoy spending their time -- the restaurant. According to Statista (2015), the number employed is over three million, and this is just in the fast food places alone. Before you begin your employment in this business, there are a few tips that need to be remembered.

The Customer as Guest

The customer is a visitor and needs to be treated in the same way you would treat someone who has dropped by to check on you. The customer matters and you, as the person who is going to take care of them, are happy to see them. Through your initial approach, you show them that you will take care of them.

Addressing the Customer

During every second you are with your customers, you need to watch the way you address and speak to them. Be polite and let your customers see how positive you are. Let them see your energy and your confidence in what you are doing. And let them see your respectfulness and your deep honesty. Remember not to interrupt any conversations your customers are having no matter how busy the place is at that moment

Know the Menu

It is a very good idea to become very familiar with the menu as soon as you are hired. By doing that, you will be able to answer any questions that are presented to you about the various dishes. This will also help you to avoid any confusion and mistakes in placing orders.

Answering the Phone

If the hostess is busy and cannot answer the phone and you are the person closest to it, make sure you never answer the phone with "Hold on please." This will momentarily confuse the caller. After the confusion passes, the caller will then feel he really doesn't matter and then he may become angry and hang up or worse, begin to scream at the next person who gets on the phone. If you can't help the customer at that moment, greet the customer and tell him or her, "Please hang on; I'll be right back" and keep your word.

Taking the Order

Just as soon as you take an order, prompty turn it into the chef or cook. There have been cases when the waiter or waitress forgets to turn in an order. The customers have been forced to watch as customers who ordered after them are served first. This is one of the unforgiveable flaws of waiting tables.

You should have a system of remembering who ordered what when you take the order. This will make for a smooth transition when you bring the food to the table. Also, you won't sound like a squad leader barking out, "All right, who ordered the. . . "

Don't Rush The Customer

Finally, do not rush your cuistomers to finish their meals. Nothing is ruder than a waiter or waitess reaching for a plate that still has food on it. The customer is then forced to look up at you in a message that says Keep your hands off my plate.
Statista. (2015). Number of employees per establishment in the United States fast food restaurant industry from 2004 to 2018.


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