This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home

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Finally, the business Osborn, Specter and I have started, might grow piglet batch by piglet batch.

This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home

Some time into the beginning of 2015, Osborn came to me with an idea. He said himself, Specter and I should start a partnership. We are going to buy hens that will lay eggs and he will sell the eggs for us. He says he knows a lot of Indians who will buy the eggs.

Osborn called it a "project". I told him not to call it a "project", because "project" is those rubbish things that the ANC government starts whishy-washy by disowning a white farmer's land and stuffing black farmer's on there and with taxpayers' money they claim to start a black owned "project", but instead just keep pumping and wasting taxpayers' money on it because these farms have statistically shown to be a 99% failure. They simply do not produce. But the ANC keeps these things going, simply for the purpose of disowning farms from white people. White people are to be robbed of any and all political and economical power, such is the aim of the ANC.

So, with that evil, ugly stigma to it, I said Osborn should not call it a "project".

Even more worrying was when he said he got the idea from the "projects" that have been started around the area. They are nothing short of scams, where the farms never produce with their black "partners" now at the helm, and they keep applying for more money from the ANC government and of course the ANC government just keeps giving them more money, without ever honestly evaluating the thing they are throwing money into.

I told him I shall have no part of such ANC "projects", no matter how rich he thinks he will get and how quickly. For one thing, this ANC criminal mafia could at any time throw off such "partners" and stock them with new "partners", claiming the ones on there are no good, and for another thing, the ANC government are slowly losing popularity, if they ever had any true popularity other than their corrupted election statistics, and once the ANC is dethrowned, as millions of South Africans are rooting for, who knows if the next government will honor these farming "project" scams. We could lose everything because of the scammy associations of the current rubbish "projects".

So anyway, I told Osborn that we can for the same trouble and with much more legitimacy just start a capitalistic venture, slowly growing our business - note, "business", not "project", and can fully claim it as ours, built by us, not by the criminal scam mafia that is the ANC "government".

Anyway, we had a look around Tower Hills for where we would start making cages for the chickens.

It took us very long to find a place that would provide us with egg laying hens in the area too.

One Sunday morning however, Osborn comes and says naah, he doesn't want to do eggs anymore. We must now do a pig farm. He knows where to buy pigs, which is how he got the idea. Pigs will be less labour intensive than the eggs thing.
So, we put in money and bought six pigs.

Some months later, we bought two more.

And then some months later, one of the pigs finally had five piglets.

And that is what Osborn is telling me early on Sunday morning. It's good news. Now our business is finally taking off, and I'm glad Osborn stuck it out, instead of reverting to some ANC "government" scam project.

This pig farm business is OURS now, that we did with our own steam and capital.

So, looks like in some months we will have pigs to start selling and make good profit, especially seeing as we have very little expenses, for Osborn and Specter collect food for the pigs by removing some shop's old vegetables, and some community's thrown away foodstuffs.

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4th Nov 2015 (#)

Excellent post!

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