There are only two ways to create and think when it comes to business

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There are mainly two ways to think in life and in business that create success: analytical/realistic/perceptive or synthetic/imaginative/creative. Everything else is just unworkable mess as we shall see in this series of articles.

Success when you really are trying to get success, and failure where it is not wanted, but can be changed to success

The essence of winning and success comes from thinking and being creative from the ground level of original, inventive and creative thinking about common things. For example, Henry Ford and Thomas Edison became millionaires from light bulbs and cars. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs established their wealth through computers and cell phones. These are common, not original things now, but through original thinking about them, their wealth and money were made and continue to be made because of persistent creativity and realistic applications of that creative thinking. Anyone can hit upon the combination, though through that persistence of effort and wise use of time.

So, let me now use myself as an example. A few days ago, I had a minor case of writer's block about what I was going to type up about this article. So, instead of giving up and relegating this idea to "I do not know what to do", I depended creatively on the environment around me and reality to give me answers intuitively on what to write from "the ground level". When you are at a high level and need answers from reality, "the ground level" is always the best place to start. After all, light bulbs, cars, car parts, and housing are very basic needs and wants, so why not start at the basic level to get answers? Success is not always in the million dollar idea, but the million dollar idea is always in success when you consider mass producing basic needs and wants of people smartly.

So, think on the ground as well as be "high-concept" and you will make your wealth. I will not say just money although money is a part of it. Wealth in my reality is peace of mind that is real as well as spiritual understanding that is genuine and the finances are the "cherry on top" of those other two foundation things first. Get it? Money is wonderful, but if you do not have spiritual understanding and peace of mind, it will make worse instead of better whatever reality you are in, including mine:

So, I will tell you what I do: I pray every morning and every night and do those prayers as affirmations to existence/spirit/the universe/God and everything that counts and I creatively converse with myself and am also an avid observer of "how life works" also. Also, I look at failure as "how not to do it". I do not look at failure as "being done" and "I cannot succeed if I try again" ever. After all, what do you think was the real secret of Bill Clinton's and Richard Nixon's "bulletproof political power, through scandals even" even if it was ill gotten in some ways anyway? That was a positive on their part. They never looked at themselves as genuinely ruined forever.

So, genuine ruin is an irrational idea that has no place in genuine success, especially when considering how things should not be done. But when considering how things should be done, you are closer when you understand how they should not be done, and go the opposite direction purposely. What do you think the concept of feedback is anyway?


The most powerful idea you can have is to genuinely know what to do. What do you think Walter P. Chrysler of the Chrysler car company was getting when he took that car apart and put it back together again and then started his car company from scratch with the ideas that could revolutionize cars closer to what they are today? Exactly. He worked on feedback.

We are made or broken by our willingness or not being willing to learn, aren't we? Me I would rather be made like a positive sponge learning all that it can learn positively. Even when my Mother seemingly irritates me, I do not get too irritated, I learn what I can learn from it and work with it all to see how I can do better, no matter what. Even if my mouth makes funny shapes and I get seemingly angry, inside I am thinking and calculating and the outer anger subsides quickly and becomes calm calculation and understanding. That is feedback, and I am always willing to do, use and understand that thing called feedback. It all starts there. All we have to do is be receptive, understand and then act genuinely properly. That includes me too. Get it everybody?

The self-hypnosis of failure, and the realistic belief in permanent success

You have to convince and force fear into your mind that failure is permanent. On the other hand, if you believe you can succeed after understanding what does not work, you can succeed. Life is what we genuinely believe it is. Indeed, faith is weeding out all the failure, understanding it and then reversing it to create success. Faith is not anything mysterious or unworkable, that is a genuinely overused stereotype of what faith consists of. Now, I am not saying that trial and error is the "end-all be-all of it all" when it comes down to what works, but, if you failed the first time and want to understand what works for the next success, trial and error is a start in the right direction.

Indeed, "permanent failure" is the ultimate form of negative self-hypnosis and destructive belief while permanent, repeatable success is for those who love to win and want to train to create that success. When I think of feedback and analysis, this is the real purpose of feedback and analysis. "Build a better life and you will have one."

Indeed, the induction of self-hypnosis for permanent failure is not succeeding at the first try and then fully and succinctly giving up fully on ever trying or doing again. Waking up is the success you get after trying again, even if it takes many times. Get it? Permanent success is a realistic belief, failure is simply negative self-hypnosis in the most real sense. I use the term "self-hypnosis" like "The Amazing Kreskin", George Kresge uses it in a negative sense because irrational fear is negative mind control, the ultimate negative self-hypnosis. Rational fear of something destructive or deadly is usually justified. But the irrational fear of success after temporary failure is simply a form of destructive self-hypnosis. Sayings like: "I cannot, I have tried before," or "I cannot win" are nonsense, for permanent winning comes from understanding where failure happens and why it happens. A few of you may not agree with me, and say things like "failure is failure and that is it." But then, how many people in the year 1984 said that actress and singer Vanessa Williams would not have a career after leaving the Miss America Pageant "in disgrace"? What is failure but a self-hypnosis that we accept? Same with genuine success based on persistence, creativity and reinvention.


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