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Well, as the movie conspired it would be obvious to answer not but I will elaborate the more in my answers below so that I could be more specific not bias.

Techno Billionaire Question

My answer to the last question is no! Because if I would chose the path of Steve Jobs then it will lead in perditions and even the path of Bill Gates that made his billions by piracy neither I would follow. The path that I would follow is my path for the sake of my Lord Jesus Christ and for my beloved country, I will try to straighten the crooked path of Steve Jobs and yet rectify the wrong of Bill Gates. I will try to live as if everyone is trustworthy, and I would apply the notion of what you sow is what you reap so I would be careful to my actions that I would not sow bad deeds because surely bad result I would reap. And in everything as a technoprenuer I have to be wise like a serpent and yet gentle as a dove.

But somehow I like the approach of both technoprenuer, they showcased their best in the beginning. Steve Jobs ideas and creative way in managing his business by even using his own garage to start his vision and goals and even convincing Woz his friend to decline from working in Hewlett Packard and partner him to success.

I would like to adopt the formula of Steve Jobs in a way that I would revise it into a better scale and also that would suite skills and needs. It may sound pirating from Steve Jobs but not the case, because there is nothing wrong to get ideas if it will apply to you. The reason for Steve Jobs’ ideas would be the fact of everyone is unique and also I have to consider the environment that I am going to establish my own goals. It is a matter that maybe Steve Jobs’ formula in being a successful technoprenuer will only work for him and not to other technoprenuer.

Lastly, after I watched the movie entitled Pirates of the Silicon Valley it enlighten me about almost everything pertaining about technoprenuership, it is fair to said that I feel this inner urge of vying the possibilities that a technoprenuer holds in his hand and also the excitement and thrill lingers in me because if Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are one of the successful technoprenuer in the world and made them successful in terms of earning money and lots of money, and so that would be possible to me also because I am a technoprenuer and I also believe that no technoprenuer would be less successful if he or she apply the fundamentals and right attitude as a technoprenuer, so more or less I could foresee that being a successful technoprenuer would mean a better future but in my case I would not distract myself in focusing about the riches that I could have but proving to myself that I could also be able to achieve my goals in life whether be as a technoprenuer or as a individual and of course it would be the grace of God that will bring me to my highest peak of success.

In my experience as I apply this technoprenuership(though I am not aware that it is technoprenuership though) I noticed that as Steve Jobs’ experience and even to other successful people in any field. The fact that in the beginning of your career it is the most difficult part when you are starting like in my endeavors in earning income online I once became so desperate in how to do it. But if you can find the best principle that can be applied to you and you passed the harder part of starting it then your reward will be flowing in the long run. Even as I write this peace I am worrying about my financial status due to the coming field trip as part of our curriculum and I must have at least $300 for the next three months. And also because as a student I can’t focus on any work and in addition I have just setup my career as a technoprenuer and earning for my first month nearly $10 and I have done tremendous work already but I believe that the true reward is still coming and I am projecting to have an income of at least $1000 per month in the near future if I will be consistent in my responsibility as a technoprenuer.

Actually, as I heard about technoprenuership the first thing that came to my mind was about having business through the use of technology but though it was my first attendance in the class and we yet in the first quarter of the semester, after I watched the movie my view about technoprenuership has been changed dramatically, technoprenuership goes behind business but it talks about life also. And yes as a technoprenuer success and wealth is not far from my reach but I have to be careful that I would be blinded by the clouds if I ever reach the peak of my goal as a technoprenuer and also technoprenuership is not about becoming an employee but about proprietorship, successful technoprenuer will become the owner not the employee. I can see that this subject will be interesting for me because I was once convinced that becoming an employee of a certain establish would not go longer but will be gone if you are not able anymore to do the task as you used to do when you are still younger. But technoprenuership can be related to business and business will go as far as it is managed by you, a responsible and wise technoprenuer.

Lastly I am thankful that I had the chance to see the past dealing of the two top technoprenuer around the world, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Pirates of the Silicon Valley had opened my eyes in some especial way and I hope that someday my life also will be featured in the big screen not only because I am a technoprenuer but I am a better technoprenuer.


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