The magic boy (Trump) and girl (Clinton), politics is nothing but a business when it comes down to it in 2016

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Elections. The biggest business of all in the guise of voting for our "leaders". When I saw the clips of the "60 Minutes" focus groups on politics for this 2016 election, I realized how timely my thoughts really are on this, so, I will put them down on the screen.

The Selling of the President 1968

Remember that old book by the Washington Post "exposing" the business of politics as a corrupt trick of adverse psychology we play on ourselves in the guise of changing things for the better? I do, I remember seeing and reading discarded copies of that book in The Salvation Army stores for ninety-nine cents.
Back then, Richard Nixon was the "Magic Boy" and Shirley Chisholm would not be heard from until 1972, but the principle of the circus was still there. Today's elections are not much better than those circus times, are they? In fact, people are so apparently frustrated with it all that they are worse.

As a rule, politicians have only done their jobs when it is time for an election, right down to clownish baby kissing and eating bacon wrapped fried cake at a state fair on camera to prove they are normal people, not power mongering idiots out to be "special". After all, I agree with the veterans on a news program I saw that said, politicians only come out of the hole and really mean change when it is time to get elected. "I am with you, give me your vote!"

Early in the morning, just about supper time!

I lifted the title of this section off of a Creedence Clearwater Revival song, but it proves my point. The politicians come off like John Fogerty singing about "Early in the morning, just about supper time!" like the guy screaming "listen to me, I'll set you free, I want to help!"

In my reality, politics is the ultimate con game then. They work to get elected and then take all of the liberties, that even the most free and sovereign person does not have in their lives. When they are elected, what happens to them singing "Early in the morning, just about supper time!" Sometimes, I wonder about that.

This is what happens to the magic boy or girl when they are elected or mature into being in office, they do nothing but suck money until the next time they are up to get back in the business of "winning". To be honest, being a politician is like being a psychopath or an alcoholic, only you are addicted to power. It is that "Early in the morning, just about suppertime" magic feeling.

Ah, these times are great!

Well, I gave you a small tour of that fantasy of reality called serial politics. So, put on your "power smile" as if you can solve all problems if you want to get elected. "Normal politics" now are a panacea for disaster anyway in my opinion. But, in my reality: It is so crazy, convoluted, and poorly worded like lawyers writing thousands of papers saying "the cat ate the rat" that you cannot take it all too seriously anyway. But, I will tell you what you can take seriously: Your attitude and thoughts on the whole situation and how you act and react about it.

That applies now more than any time there is or could be. The saying that attitudes determine futures is not just real, but it is a fact of life. I went into this election season thinking it would be fear-mongering and "business as usual", but came out of it thinking (strangely), "Yes, we do have potential that will be fulfilled. We may go down a few strange roads, God willing to do it, but it will be fulfilled." Personally, I think these times are the best to "fulfill the books", so to speak. But, everything depends on the attitude we take toward the deal we are dealing with. That is all I can say for now, but thinking about reality as a whole. I say like the man at the fine restaurant at the lobster tank after watching a lobster fight and deciding which lobster to eat: "Give me the winner, I do not want the lobster with a claw gone, I want the winner!" Okay, indeed, I see Trump's win as an opportunity and a game changer for it all in that sense we must alter our attitudes about life to genuinely succeed in a great way in the future, our foot is in a door and we must now go through and not go back. Sure, I am skipping a lot of narrative and making you (and me) think in that sense. Life really is as good as we make it with our choices, or lack of choices. So, who wants the winner? That remains to be seen, After all things are changing, and always for the more interesting, the better, or whatever it can be called. Having a Wallace D. Wattles point of view on it all, no matter what it is all going toward God, and it is a wonderful becoming, homecoming or whatever. I think things have went beyond political science now, and into the realm of an objective spirituality. I leave the rest to the genuine powers that be, now and in my reality and opinion, that would be a good thing for all the "leaders" to do also, for, indeed, something higher and better is in control of all of this. Ah, these times are great and I am ultimately optimistic about them! Indeed, it is all going to God and it is spectacular!


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author avatar Tranquilpen
10th Nov 2016 (#)

Probably a good thing that it is run like a business because that's one thing Billionaire "Magic Boy" Donald Trump knows better than anyone else to do. The Appletree has been producing a string of rotten apples for some time now, hightime the country is given back to it's citizens, remember:"We the people etc"?

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7th Feb 2020 (#)

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