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Farmers are the base of our worry-free lives. Our first and most important need in life – food is obtained because of them. But, most people in the society do not try to understand their importance or are completely unaware. This article is about some aspects of the lives of farmers.

Responsibility of farmers:

Farmers provide us with food. It is their responsibility to keep us fit and healthy. Farmers are therefore, expected to be aware of the scientific methods of producing food, basic sense of amenities and are expected to have a strong dedication towards cleanliness.

Education of farmers:

Most farmers, except in some of the developed countries, are not very highly educated, or not educated at all. As a result, they remain unaware of the improvements in agricultural science and technology. Also, this is one of the reasons for their lack of social status and financial strength.

Status of farmers in the society:

In the society, the farmers are not highly respected. Although, most rankings and social group listings list farming as one of the most respected professions, still, in most of the countries of the world, farming is not highly regarded. But this whole idea is totally wrong, because each one of us should be grateful to farmers since they are the ones who are keeping us alive with our daily bread.

Financial status of the farmers:

In most cases, farmers are not very strong financially. In the developing and under-developed countries, the situation is even worse. This is mostly due to the lack of initiatives to improve the lives of the farmers by the governments, as well as different non-government organizations.

Farming is one of the most important jobs in the world. If we do not start to put combined effort to improve the lives of the farmers now itself, it is not only morally wrong but also can prove to be harmful to the future of mankind.


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author avatar christy_lynch
23rd Mar 2012 (#)

I enjoyed reading this article as we will be owning a farm in the very near future I could really relate to this article. Very informative.

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author avatar Delicia Powers
23rd Mar 2012 (#)

Very well done, many thanks...

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author avatar PSRemeshChandra
24th Mar 2012 (#)

When man came down from trees and began the life of hunters he had to travel far in his search for good game country. It is logical to assume that caves were his abodes then. The first cave man who observed the germination of thrown away fruit-seeds on his cave mouths and who consciously planted seeds and watched out of curiosity their growth was the first scientist and the first farmer. From then on it did not take much time for the nomads to become farmers and planters. Once agriculture was started, homes began to come into being. Thus emerged the settlements. It was his settling for agriculture that made homes a necessity. Settlement with homes was what led to the emergence of villages and in due course, towns.

When man was a nomad, all in his community had to take part in the hunting. Moreover in those nomadic set up, he had to hunt almost all days. So there was no leisure. When agriculture began, there came plentiness and prosperity and it generated leisure time. Society finally became able to afford a minority who did no work, but would just sit, eat and think. Thus philosophers, statesmen and civilization made their appearance, without the leadership of whom the establishment of villages and towns would not have been possible.

Ms.Faithshore did the fine work of bringing the farmer to the fore and reminding us of our life blood. Fine.

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