The law is reason free from passion

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Discussion of why law is not free of passion and its importance in the world.

Law and Justice

Law. The basic fundamental function necessary to make the world a better place. Its function is keep the community, society, state, etc. running like clockwork. Aristotle stated, 'The law is reason free from Passion'. No offence to Aristotle but passion is one of the greatest factors involved for the law to be made and implemented. Many people talk about how boring the paperwork can be and how dangerous criminal law is but the feeling of doing the right thing is what makes an individuals self esteem go through the roof. The adrenaline pumping throughout the body on the first case, stating the facts to the judge and jury and testing your ability with it. A science so complex, the mastery of it is improbable but delightfully exciting. An English translation of a Latin saying for the law is, 'Give me the facts and I will give you the law'. Practicing law is not all about the paperwork, or sitting on a desk revising precedent but it is about the passion and hard work that you put in that makes you better than the others. The law is one of the many major reasons why a country works the way that it does. The English Legal System is an example of supreme genius. Its laws have governed the country from chaos to almost perfection. 'Innocent until proven guilty'. This is one of the rules of the justice system which has been creating laws for the past so many years. Justice will always prevail over evil deeds committed.


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