The Winner and The Loser

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I would love to tell a story. This is a serious story about life, and its up times and down times and how to deal with them. Sure, it is a serious article about business and analysis, but, in it, I use lots of metaphors to describe real situations that apply to life.Here goes:

I put my money on the loser becoming a winner, not the one who was born a winner

You see, some people are born with advantages they do not appreciate, but when the advantages are earned, they are appreciated. That is a very organic and realistic thing in life that is a basic thing in fortune-building and wealth creation. Sure, it seems nice to start out with it all easy and given to you easily, but what is inherited or unearned without work is never appreciated, that is a basic human fact that cannot be avoided.

Some of history's worst life backgrounds have made the best fortunes and most genuine success stories, and on the other hand, some of history's "best" backgrounds have been some of the most disparate failure stories in history. So, that is what i mean by I put my money on the loser becoming a winner. I am not saying that all failure guarantees success, or all born with success become failures, but I am saying that success, no matter what is more appreciated when earned.

At best

The best we can expect out of life is based on our consciousness of the worst, in a sense. For success comes out of earning what we desire, not being given "success" easily. I mean, hard-won success is the greatest thing in existence, really. Some of the greatest winners start out nowhere, while some of the greatest losers have all the advantages. Not that the "Horatio Alger ideal" is totally valid, but the earned is always more appreciated than the given. That is human nature.

The conscious stock market

All genuine gain is based on the earned and not the given, because human nature when it has things too easy tends to need to have its own. All genuine losses are based on things being too easily "good", You know dealing with the ups and downs of business is like dealing with the ups and downs of life. The unearned and given tends to be squandered, while the earned and worked towards always is more powerful than the unearned and the given. Indeed, existence is the conscious stock market, and conscious nature is the commodity being traded. Some win, some lose, that is how it is. Those who earn it all genuinely from the bottom or zero, who do appreciate what they have earned and understand it genuinely, have it best.


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17th Jul 2018 (#)

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