The Top Six Traffic Violations Police Look for

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Scott Hallock is a 28 year veteran in Law Enforcement and tells what the top six traffic violations that Police Officers look for.

The Top Six Traffic Violations Police Look for

Even though I have been a Police Officer for many years, I have to admit I still get nervous when I am driving in my private car off duty and see a Police car behind me.

A strange phenomenon happens when the Cops are around. All drivers, including me get what the Police call, "the halo effect", and drive like little angels.

You know what I mean, we immediately slow down, check that are lights are working, think about if our tags are up to date, make sure everyone is wearing a seat belt and drive like an angel.

Then the Cop behind us changes lanes, speeds on by and we all let out a sigh of relief and take off our halos.

Here are the top six violations the Police look for:


Speeding is the number one violation that Police look for. Speed kills and causes more accidents than any other violation.

Many Officers use high tech radar and can pick out a speeding car from the middle of a large group of cars a long way away. An officer also will become so familiar with speed he/she will be able to look at a car and tell exactly what speed that car is going, then use the radar to verify his/her estimation.


Driving while intoxicated. There are many books and articles written on this topic and unfortunately will continue to be more until people finally get the message to stop drinking and driving.

Officers dedicate their careers to finding, stopping, arresting and prosecuting drunk drivers and can spot a DUI driver a mile away. Thank you.

Unsafe driving

This includes: running stop signs and red lights, unsafe lane changes and turns, not yielding to other cars and pedestrians, reckless driving, following too close, road rage and any other unsafe behavior.

An Officer becomes so proficient at reading the traffic that he/she can watch the flow of traffic, be able to see anything out of the ordinary, and then go to check it out.


Common equipment violations are two license plates, Current license tags, all lights, brake lights, turning signals and headlights working?

You may have called attention to yourself by not following the flow of traffic and made an unsafe driving mistake. The Officer will follow you, check to see if there are any equipment violations and perhaps stop you.

Cell phone

This serious violation is the more talked about and the one that gets the most attention right now. Everyone is aware of just how dangerous and deadly cell phone usage is while driving.

Not only is cell phone usage extremely dangerous, but they are becoming very annoying to everyone. Movie theaters, restaurants, lobbies of office buildings do not permit cell phones.

The Police are able to tell that you are on your cell phone because there is no other action we use to drive with our hand up to our ear. In other words, if your hand is up to your ear it could only mean you are on a cell phone.

Seat belt

Seat belt tickets are another violation that Police look for due to the damage and unnecessary injuries caused by not wearing one.

If you ask, any Police Officer, who has had to investigate a fatal traffic accident they will tell you how devastating it is to discover the victim was not wearing a seat belt and that the injuries would have been minor rather than fatal.

In conclusion

Traffic collisions kill and injure more people each year than any other crime. Keeping our streets safe is a tremendous task for our Officers, and we thank all of them for a job well done.

Let us all remember, to drive safely, be courteous and kind to each other and keep in mind that the Cops are watching.

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author avatar Justin
21st Jul 2011 (#)

The speeding part. They cop doesn't even had to radar you. They can write the ticket for whatever they assumed you were going. They only use radar to have more ammo in court if you decide to fight it.
Speed doesn't kill just like guns don't kill. Stupid drivers and stupid people with guns kill.

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